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Rated by 8 people so far
A jam entry

Fidget Spinner World Tour '90View game page »

Take part in the ultimate fidget spinner world championship!
Submitted by Gee It Some Laldy (@GeeItSomeLaldy) with 11 days, 5 hours before the deadline

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I truly loved this game - didn't expect it to be fun honestly. Loved the shop, loved the sound cues, and I liked the art (the background could use a little polish in my opinion though). A great entry overall.

It'd be awesome if you could check out my submission!

Nothing better than a game based on fidget spinners =p Although the gameplay is kinda pointless is a cool game, the art is very well made, and who cares about everything else, the game is about spinners, this makes this entry be a 5/5  stars no doubts ! =p