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Libraries and Resources Sticky

A topic by Pablo A. Mayobre created 91 days ago Views: 192 Replies: 4
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Use this threads to post links to libraries, resources, tutorials, etc.

Posting your own basecode and libraries is encouraged!


I've posted my personal SLog Library (MIT License) to GitHub. The documentation is very barebones, but it might be handy.


  • Wrapper for Audio Library
  • Wrapper for Smallfolk for save/loading
  • Image -> List of colors in a table 'library'
  • Pixels -> Screen Scaler for pixel art games, 
  • Textbox -> A fancy text-printer.

Looks great. Not so sure about submitting these all as a lib. Textbox for instance could stand on its own.

You can mix and match parts, I wanted to share in case anyone found them handy.

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This list is very good:

Edit: Oh, it was posted in the jam description already, hehe.