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How important is the actual game that is loading?

A topic by Eendhoorn created Nov 26, 2015 Views: 373 Replies: 3
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Since the jam focuses on the loading screen itself, how important is the actual game that you're going to be loading?
Could we just put in a placeholder (like a static menu image), so the player can get back to the loading screen, which is really what they're here for, right?

Other than that it, what's the policy on using existing assets?
Can we use pre-existing art, or even a pre-existing game that you will load?



The importance of the actual game depends on the loading screen game you want to make! So yes, you can put in a placeholder if you like!

In every jam I've gone to, usually people start working from scratch, so... if you end up making a loading screen for a pre-existing game of yours, make sure to explicitly state that the game is a pre-existing one! :D

Procjam allowed for existing assets and it was pretty nice. But yeah indeed, most jams do no not. Thanks!

What about a pre-existing IP that I don't own? I don't have any game right now that's in a ready phase to add a loading screen for it.