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rip I missed the deadline by 1 second

A topic by Lou created Mar 21, 2017 Views: 311 Replies: 5
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Yeah, also missed the deadline. No clue how to upload something to itch. I can create a new game, but I have no idea how to set it to public (which I guess you need to submit it to a Jam) or how to see your uploaded games :(

Edit: Ok, great. I found out how. Too late :/


I'm sure if you tweet him he can add it in:

Eh, it's not too big a deal. I only had a few hours to work on this anyways.

If anyone wants to check out my small demo:

Unfortunately I don't have a twitter account.

Anyway, here's my project. It needs to be started from the terminal. Informations to controls & co. can be found in the readme. Source code is included but not really nice to look at^^.


It is typically possible to add a late submission -- you might be able to get directly in contact with the organiser ( some other way as well. It probably wouldn't be much trouble, and the more entries, the more fun the jam is!