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Could someone with Linux check if my Linux build works?

A topic by nbcks created Mar 18, 2017 Views: 191 Replies: 2
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Hey guys,

made a game in Godot in the last couple of months and saw this and decided to submit! I unfortunately don't have linux (tried installing it a while back but it had problems with my graphics card). I've exported to Linux in my submission, but I have no idea a) what the file is since it has no endings b) if it even works! Could someone with Linux try it out (if you want to play the game, you'll need 2-5 controllers and another person).


Starts but don't respond to any keyboard controls. (Arch x86_64)

> in the last couple of months

I think you should submit content made only after the start of the jam.

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Ah Ok, I thought it started in January. Thanks for testing it though (it only has controller controls, so it makes sense you're keyboard wouldn't respond). I've removed my submission