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Dev looking for artist pal/buddy.

A topic by kthxb created Apr 02, 2018 Views: 477 Replies: 20
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I'd like to submit an entry to the game jam but feel that it would be a more rewarding experience if completed in a team. If anyone is interested in teaming up I'd be happy to.

I'm an artist. I would love to team up with you. Perhaps you could even teach me some coding while I do whatever I do for a living. Im on kubuntu 17.10.

I will also create a community post, so if you don't reply, I will take someone from there.

well I can program in python and also I can make 3D model and do some pixel art, but I would like to see your previous work


sorry i was aking kthxb

Would you mind if I just join to take notes and maybe learn a bit about programing. i can also provide opinions, ideas and art skills. i do blender, gimp, inkscape and photography.

or kthxb?


but if you want you can still send them ^^ I always like to see other artist work

being only 15, i don't currently have a portfolio, but ill try to find some things.

don't worry i am 15 too, you should open a devianart or just a twitter to post your art

ill do, ill do.

do you have discord or something ?



Are their any specific rules for teams?  If multiple users joined the jam that's on my team who submits the project? Or is it once the jam starts users can group into teams? 

I  would ne can group to brainstorm about what the game will actually be and then *very important* wait for the jam to start to start making the actual game.

I think we can***

Well for my own personal team, I'm thinking we can all join the jam and i can omit the game through my account and post everyones name in the credits 

Hi, I'd like to join you if possible. I have rough experience in making games with python, javascript, and java although I can contribute to C/C++ code as well if needed.