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SIM8 - Devlog

A topic by Grimo_ created Jan 10, 2016 Views: 4,500 Replies: 2
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I'm a french somputer science student at the end of my studies (if you have an internship opportunities feel free to contact me ;) ).

Even if i wasn't able to start in december, i hope i'll have the time to produce a decent game. Anyway, i'll be creating SIM8, a game were you play as a spaceship ai.

In a long raging war against Heredians, six humans illustrate themselves and are heading home with good knowledge of the enemy. To save insufficient resources, they are now cryogenised and your role is to ensure they arrive safe and sound at destination. You'll have to take care of the ship, control reactors, weapons, make decisions, etc.

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Hey so i just start to create the rooms and i've that for now :

Basically, SIM8 see the ship through cameras' eyes. There is one per room. In each of these room you'll have the possibilities to execute somes actions. For example, in the PilotRoom you can boost the engines, initiate landing or take off, etc.

When taking damages, some rooms might became unusable and must be repaired. Others will just induce some loss like the storeroom.

From the coding side, their is an abstract class, Room, extending scene2d.ui.Table. Then all the rooms inherit from this first class or from RepairableRoom which is also abstract and manage the room status when damages are inflicted.

I didn't wrote all my code today as i have a base i often use. The menu was partly done already but i'll come back to all that stuff an other day if i find the time.

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So i added some buttons a status bar for concerned rooms and a text panel to display event messages.