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Roaring Cat Games - DevLog

A topic by Roaring Cat Games created Dec 20, 2015 Views: 1,310 Replies: 4
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Roaring Cat Games' Dev Log thread for libGDX Jam


While we're brainstorming our ideas for the game, we've been splitting out some Ashley ECS systems into a more generic library. Hopefully we'll be able to provide easy-to-use installation instructions and code samples by the end of the jam for others to use these simple, generic systems as well.

The OSS project for these ashley gdx extensions is here:


Today we released v0.0.1 of Kitten2d AshleyExtensions for libGDX.

I have the extension pulled in from the sonatype nexus repo into our LifeInSpace project with a test set of systems working on an Entity. The Ludum Dare fog is wearing off, and we're ready to get going on this game!

We having nailed it all down, but our game is going to be a tribute to all of the Jam games we've made with libGDX, and all about Boss fights!

You can follow our progress in code here:


Getting time and motivation over the holiday break was pretty rough. However, I did receive "2D Game Collision Detection" from for Christmas and have put it to good use.

Tonight I added proper offset support for our AshleyExtensions' BoundsSystem and DebugSystem. I say proper, because the offset no properly adjusts based on position AND rotation:


Work on our game has been a lot slower than we'd have liked this last week, but we've re-kindled the gamedev fire, and are getting excited about the next steps moving forward. I (Barry) have been working on some backend pieces, and designing out some things that can be extracted out into AshleyExtensions later on.

Today I finished up a "RemainInBoundsSystem" that supports multiple modes, and works with Axis-Aligned rectangles. You can view the System code in the project here:

RemainInBoundsSystem in Life In Space

The modes are

  • CONTAINED: The entity bounds must remain completely inside of the system bounds
  • CENTER: The entity origin must stay within the system bounds
  • EDGE: The entity bounds may pass outside of the system bounds, but the outer-edge must always stay in or on the system bounds.

These mode look like:

Today we also added in some initial ship animations, (idle, left and right), and seed bullets with varied animation states. Here's a screenshot:

In the next few days we'll be adding in systems to:

  • allow entities follow other entities with offsets that will account for rotations
  • allow bounds calculations to handle circle bounds as well as rectangles
  • Introduce the enemies
  • Introduce bullet hits with sprouting
  • Damage and collision