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DoubleJ472's Devlog

A topic by DoubleJ472 created Dec 19, 2015 Views: 1,550 Replies: 16
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Life in space? I have a feeling Box2D is going to be useful here, maybe even simulated gravity. Let's see what I come up with.


So far I've just hit a brick wall on ideas, so for now I'm just making a sort of intro sequence; a splash screen. Hopefully I will have something better by the time I'm done.


I've gotten the game idea down. It'll be entities in space trying to survive, collecting resources and whatnot, and you being one of them. This will be mostly similar to enviro-bear in its play style. More to come soon!


Recently I've been without internet, but I have made leaps and bounds on this game. It also has a name, Florps!

You play as this adorable guy:

Adorable Guy.

He goes to wherever you click/tap, and will eat food to survive.

The general idea is that you have a time limit to how long you can live without food. Soon there will be more challenges than just collecting food, or this would get boring fast! Other than this there isn't too much to report on (There is parallax scrolling on the background too).


Here's a video on what the game looks like so far!


Got the source on BitBucket for now, check it out here!

Also I'm soon going to add sounds, so these videos aren't so quiet. This will probably be from BFXR unless I have better Ideas.

Lots of stuff has been added since the last video/update, including:

  • Rocks to get in your way!
  • A home rock to go back to / find at the end!
  • Edible food! (previously wasn't edible)
  • A world generator of sorts! (Basically just randomness)
  • Turning made even more floaty than before!
  • New Space texture (Thanks NASA!)
  • A fullness percentage indicator! (Will be better later)
  • New Bugs!

Anyways, you can find the dev video here:


Cool physics!


Thanks! Now I just need to get the basic game mechanics down :P


More work has been done, now there is levels! The levels themselves don't mean much, it just determines the difficulty of the stage you are playing. I want to add other entities soon to make this game more interesting. Anyways, here are the new features/changes!

  • Better parallax in the background!
  • A way to finish the level!
  • MORE levels!
  • HARDER levels! (kinda, more for that later)
  • More info on what level you are playing!
  • An intermission screen!
  • Sounds!
  • More that I probably forgot!

Here's the video of what it looks like so far:


Space paralax is perfect!


Thanks! It's just a NASA picture made seamless + 2 HSV Hurl pictures made in gimp. Ends up being a really nice effect.

Submitted (2 edits)

Hello again!

I've made one of the enemies so far, I've called it the Mad Florp. They were once like you, living on some clump of asteroids in space. Over time they were driven mad, resorting to cannibalism to sustain themselves. As such they will relentlessly hunt you down in an effort to eat you!

I've also added a time limit, so you can't just kite the Mad Florps forever, for now it at a constant 120 seconds. At the end of the limit you just die, presumably from exhaustion.

I still hope to add more to this later, just one enemy and a time limit doesn't really make this a very entertaining game yet (we all still have plenty of time anyways). I hope to add variety, to make this a more lasting experience. Anyways, on to the change log!

Things that have been added/changed:

  • Mad Florps!
  • A Time Limit
  • HARDER Levels! (again)
  • More info on your level!
  • Some Balancing!
  • A Static Damage Overlay!
  • Optimized Text Generation!
  • More Things! (Maybe)

Also, because this game is actually quite far along now here is a development version to download!

Florps Development Version 1

And here is the video of this game in action (This video is a little long, It's pretty much a whole play-through)


Another Enemy Emerges...

I've added another enemy to the game, so now there is at least some variety. They are called chargers, and chase you down using pulses of movement instead of constantly moving. They can move the asteroids much more easily than you or the Mad Florps, so you can't hide from them as easily. Also they look strange, but isn't that scary about life in space? and not an excuse for bad graphical design.

Here is most of the changes/additions to the game:

  • A better Intermission! (kinda, should really fix this)
  • Sounds for all entities! (Nothing new yet)
  • Even Harder Levels!
  • Less Floaty rotation! (when you turn)
  • Fixed Title screen!
  • More stuff! (probably)

Here's the video of it so far:

And here is a new Download!

Submitted (1 edit)

Not much has happened, pretty much due to a Christmas + sudden flu combination, and for the most part it is lingering on. There was mostly just tweaks going into this.

Small Changelog:

  • More sounds!
  • Music! (This might change later) (Also looping is weird for now)
  • Slightly easier levels!
  • Changed Charger movement!
  • Made Enemies hit softer!
  • Something else! (probably just bugs)

Here's the video of it so far, feel free to skip around if you want to see specific parts:

here is a new Download!

If you do end up downloading this please tell me how it is, and don't be afraid to break my heart. :)

Submitted (1 edit)

Alright sorry it's been a LONG time since the last dev-log, I got a cold, visited family, and had generally been lazy for the past week-ish. Anyways, the game is much prettier now.

New Things:

  • Box2DLights now enabled, and now things look pretty!
  • Powerups! (so far extra time and invulnerability)
  • Better world generation! More centralized worlds!
  • Super Secret camera zoom keys! (pretty much debugging)
  • Easier, more balanced levels!

Check the video here:

And here is a Download!


Oh god the deadline is close.

We still have one day to finish everything, but that's all we get. So far I've mostly just changed things to try and get this game in a more polished condition, although it's still far from it. There is still much to do, and a lazy, procrastinating me to do it!

Let's look at the changes:

  • A small settings menu! Used only to turn on or off box2dlights (can get laggy at times)
  • Small lighting changes!
  • An indicator of where the nearest home is!
  • Changed food math!
  • Super Secret Rotate buttons! (For debugging / Because I can)
  • Invincibility power-up color magic!
  • Saves your progress/settings!
  • Probably more!

Here is a new Download!

And here is a video of what it looks like now! There are some strange lag spike issues that only happens when recording, don't know why :(


Well the deadline has gone and past, now we wait and judge others :3

There wasn't much added to the game afterwards, just mostly some additions to the settings menu and that's about it. This was definitely a fun experience and would love to do this again if it were to happen. If you grab the source code you can easily run this on android and presumably IOS (I don't have a mac), in fact the controls were made for mobile in mind. The only glaring thing that I wish I'd fixed is the way the game handles physics simulations on machines without stable FPS. Right now it does an okay job, but if you just barely don't have 60 fps, you start stuttering around, breaking the fluidity of the game. A proposal to fix this would be to interpolate between timesteps or (not) use variable timesteps. Other than this I think the game turned out alright. Please be sure to vote on this here. Thanks for your time and thanks LibGDX for giving out this oppurtunity!