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A jam submission

Pray Or PreyView game page

Survival game for Kenney Jam 2017
Submitted by forcebox (@Forceboxgames) — 1 day, 8 hours before the deadline

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Nice start! I included it in my Kenney Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Excellent job on Pray or Prey! I played the game, and review it here: Great job on the game, being caught by surprise is never good, especially when there are deadlines! Great job on working it through, and coming out on the other side! All the best. - Haddicus  


Hi! Thanks for reviewing it! The random movement with WASD is intended and not a bug. The idea was to make the survivors "randomly" move through the sea by praying (hitting WASD, hence the game's name).
The Leaderboards work when you play offline. I think the the webplayer can't communicate with outside servers when hosted on Consider this and the bad performance when on the WebGL version.. I probably should make it only offline....
Anyway, thanks again!


The ocean movement is awesome!  Good job!


Thanks! :D


Added a WebGL version, but it has some performance issues, probably because of the water animation! I recommend downloading the game for a better experience! Have fun!

Developer (1 edit)

About the development, I was caught by surprise! I didn't know this jam was happening until I saw it on a reddit post, 5 hours after it started. Them I worked 10 hours straight and finished it. :D

The Jam theme was kinda weird... How do you make a bug that is actually a feature? If you're aware of the behavior of the code and know the bug will happen, is it really a bug? I don't think so....

I was thinking about make a tower defense, and something like a super enemy spawning randomly, and the player also have a super random defense, but that thought of 'if you make a super enemy spawn purposely, then it's not a bug', and dropped the idea. Then I started just to add stuff to the game, a boat with the survivors, the enemy chasing it, the random movement for the player and BOOM! There is my BUG! I mean... my FEATURE!! The enemies started to float to space or sink when they collided with the player. I wasn't expecting that because I was translating everything in the world and not actually messing with Rigidbodies. I added then a counter for sinking enemies and destroyed then when affected by the bug, and added the score based on time survived x enemies sinked. Also, added a leaderboard to make it more fun.

it was very fun, looking forward for the next jams and the current submissions (trick theme!!),

Have fun!