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Post your PROGRESS megathread Sticky

A topic by dto created Jan 04, 2016 Views: 514 Replies: 5
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Post your updates and screenshots here! Or link to your blog entries.


Not much yet, and not really sure where I plan to go with it...


wow cool!

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I am posting progress updates on my blog once or twice a day. Right now I am working on collision detection and resolution.

Here is my latest screenshot, since everyone loves pictures:

P.S. Source code is published here as I go, in case anyone wants to play along.

We've got our league tables working with completely procedurally generated heroes, everything from the items and armour, down to the clothes, the skin, the hair and the name are random.

The next step is to allow the player to buy these heroes to add to their own party, which they can use to challenge monsters from the (currently slightly broken hunt screen).

Monsters will persist in the game until they are killed, meaning that they'll also level up and collect the loot if they manage to kill any heroes. Lots of work still cut out for us and we've been having serious issues with the tooling around Clojurescript. Ungooglable compile time errors. Clojars being down for nearly two days. The toolchain breaking previously stable committed code etc. Not fun.

Sadly, I didn't get anything done the first two days due to traveling and have worked on the project far less than I should have the rest of the time. That said, I've created the project, usually the hardest part of the development process for me :-), have learned a ton about how to structure my literate Org mode files better, and been persuaded to stop trying to do all my Lisp programming in Clojure and try to learn Common Lisp better. So, despite having to declare my failure to complete the jam as intended, it has been and continues to be an extremely valuable learning experience.

Thanks to everyone who's organizing and participating! I can only hope that my contributions will one day become as significant.