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Jamfuzer game (Tech Demo)​
Submitted by Krow — 1 hour, 37 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
• Fun#72.1282.438
• Graphics#82.1822.500
• Audio#82.0732.375
• Commercial Potential#92.0732.375
• Narrative#101.4731.688
• Teamwork evident in game creation#102.2372.563
• Innovation#131.3641.563
• Strong connection to the theme#131.4731.688

Ranked from 16 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Judge feedback

Judge feedback is anonymous and shown in a random order.

  • Especially given that that art and audio was made before the jam, there needs to be a lot more done refining the shooting mechanic (it fired infrequently), the teleport mechanics, the enemy movement, and general refinement of the systems. An FPS with a portal mechanic is interesting, but needs a lot more work.

  • I think this game really nailed player feedback, with a lot of effort towards making the shooting feel good in a short amount of time. I could see the potential for this game to be fun, the level design was very well thought out and easy to traverse. I found little need for the teleportation mechanic, as the jump was pretty unbalanced. I also found some issues where the player pose wouldn't resent and the arm/gun would be in my way. The Q&E at the same time to heal was something that took me a while to realise but I got there! Well thought through game that had a great game feel considering the time frame. Well done team!

  • A nice and fast paced FPS. It felt good to move around quickly and to have the teleporter as a quick way to traverse behind lines of enemies.

    The look of the game was put together nicely and seemed fairly consistent; however, the lighting was far too dark for much of the game. I suspect that this was due to Unreal's gamma correction, and it would be a simple fix to stop the game descending into darkness whenever a bright light was near the player. I often found myself firing off shots just to light up the area to see if there were any enemies nearby. It would be nice to see the player respawned into the level if they fall off of it, as the fast movement and dim lighting made it easy to lose track of where you were standing.

    I really like the idea of health and ammo being a shared resource. Outside of Jamfuser, I would love to see this idea developed further; perhaps with the player further having to juggle upgrades that also use scrap. It could make for a really interesting game mechanic.

    The layout of the level and positions of enemies made it easy to find out where I had to go next, however I did struggle a bit at the end before realising that I had to throw a teleporter out of the level to complete the game.

Team Name
Bunny Box

Game Name and Description
A Doom esque FPS set in the slums of a Dystopian city where robots run from the corporations. You play as a disposal operative tasked with shutting these 'malfunctioning' units down explosively.

Team Description
Daniel Kroezen - Team Lead/Designer (did the AI)
Joe Coulson - Mechanical/UI Coding
Sabrina Lang - Visual Design/Effects/Animation
Dan Bond - Level Design/Asset Production
Andrew Pearson - Lighting/Level/Mesh Extraordinaire

Created Content before Jamfuser (if necessary)

We had no artists

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