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The Last SparkView game page

Submitted by Harlan87, Ariath98, elidecarteret, LadyMeow, littlerobyn, Nalsarius — 14 minutes, 44 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
• Innovation#13.4643.550
• Fun#13.3673.450
• Commercial Potential#13.4163.500
• Teamwork evident in game creation#14.0504.150
• Graphics#24.0014.100
• Narrative#32.9283.000
• Audio#32.8302.900
• Strong connection to the theme#33.8553.950

Ranked from 20 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Judge feedback

Judge feedback is anonymous and shown in a random order.

  • This was a very nicely polished submission for only a weekend of work. The puzzle solving was easy to understand after the first couple of areas, but it still would have been nice to see a tutorial explaining the need to mix different colours of light to fully light up the different junk beacons.

    The game was a little dark at times. I really enjoyed the art style, including the saturated look of the world, but I feel the brightness could be bumped up a little to make navigating the puzzle rooms a little easier.

    It felt really satisfying to plan out my path through the junkyard, making use of the recharge stations and avoiding the towers that stole your light. I'd really like to see what this could be developed into past Jamfuser. The paths being blocked off by falling junk was a nice addition to the game, and is the kind of thing I'd love to see more of if you were to develop the game further.

    The feedback I'm giving is quite specific, which is a good sign that most aspects of the game were really nicely polished. Another piece of specific feedback is that the junkyard felt a little cramped to move around in at times. It really did look like a junkyard would, but for the sake of gameplay the corridors could have been expanded out to give Sparky more room. Either this, or Sparky could have been shrunk down a little.

    Overall, a very strong entry, well done.

  • Visually very nice, if it a little bit dark. The SFX needs some tuning because the walking on the floor sound really started to get on my nerves, maybe randomise the pitch? or have some slightly different sounds randomly picked? Also, I think a bit more needs to go into level design, it felt less like a puzzle and more of a chore to get around. Finally, I'm not sure what was supposed to happen with the pink/purple light to the sign? I tried different combination of things but couldn't get anything to happen. It's an interesting game, but it needs some refinement and fine tuning to really sell it

  • It is clear that this game is well tested, with solid fundamental knowledge of how to guide the player. I think the team have explored the core concept really effectively given the limited amount of time they had to develop this prototype. Puzzles are hard to tackle, and I think the team sticking to a single mechanic and expanding on it has really allowed them to showcase what they're capable of in a jam and in the genre. One thing was I never felt particularly challenged by any puzzle, but I do wonder about how the team would tackle the accessibility of this game if it was ever developed commercially for colour blind people.

    The art in the game is really effective, and has all been developed in a way which accentuates and brings the gameplay to the forefront of the experience. The narrative was a little unclear, I wasn't sure if I had missed something in the beginning, I assumed at the end that the battery was looking for his friend. In terms of mechanics, one thing I didn't understand were the pylons seemed to be selective about when they would remove the light from me if I walked by them, I wasn't sure if they only worked once and then stopped working again.

    Overall, a great addition to the team's portfolio if they decide to go for Tranzfuser or apply for work!

Team Name

Game Name and Description
The last spark

Awaking in the midst of a dark and lonely junkyard, Sparky the battery rediscovers his worth and relights his spark for life.

Playing as Sparky, enlighten the stylised greyscale junkyard with colour through the power of recycled generators! Avoid energy zapping traps, make new friends with appliances and use the rechargers to navigate through 4 uniquely crafted areas, on your mission to escape the junkyard and start your brighter, regenerated life.

Team Description
MilkSop Games team:

Design: Alan Horton (Technical Designer), Eli De Carteret (Level Designer)
Art: Robyn Murphy (Environment/ Prop Artist), Cat Wiltshire (Environment/ Prop artist), Laura Flinders (Environment/ Prop artist), Lee Stockton (Character/ Technical artist).

Created Content before Jamfuser (if necessary)
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Really good looking game, noticed that the purple sign took two blues to activate instead of a red and blue, and getting the blue light in the second-to-last stage past the light was tough as it would steal my orb! That's MY orb!