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Code of Conduct

This jam is being run to build the Tranzfuser community pre-competition, to develop the skills of participants and to create a fun and engaging way to connect with us pre-application.  As a community we encourage learning and skills development in a safe and welcoming environment.  With this mind we ask that those who are taking part treat each other with respect and have pleasant manner when talking and interacting.

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We will not accept, nor will we tolerate:

  • any form of online bullying / name calling / abuse / publicly slandering other’s games in a malicious way / harassing, stalking or unwanted following / unauthorised photography or recording
  • use of bad or offensive language
  • sexism, racism, discrimination or any kind of exclusion
  • posting of content that is inappropriate containing images that are pornographic in nature, racist, promoting extremist propaganda, or content that does not meet the PEGI 16 rating guidelines
  • games which have gambling content are not permitted

  If you notice any behaviour that you feel does not meet this Code of Conduct, please contact the event organiser at