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The city needs cleaning and this detective duo are taking out the trash.
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
• Narrative#23.0043.158
• Graphics#43.2043.368
• Innovation#42.3532.474
• Teamwork evident in game creation#43.2543.421
• Audio#52.5032.632
• Commercial Potential#62.2532.368
• Fun#82.1032.211
• Strong connection to the theme#121.5021.579

Ranked from 19 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Judge feedback

Judge feedback is anonymous and shown in a random order.

  • Really smart idea for a game (even if the intro ran a little long). A well executed aesthetic, even the characters didn't feel out of place. I like the idea of two player's with different parts of the story to play. The game did hang up on me asking the interviewee questions because I couldn't click the answers as the mouse was locked and it wasn't hooked up to the controller, but I liked what I saw up to that point. 

  • Overall, I find this game fascinating. A narrative which clearly assigns players meaningful roles and asks them to work together. I think you've captured a solid mood in this prototype and that comes through in the early stages. The game flow is well thought through, but since I had some issues with the game in the early stages and had to watch the intro repeatedly, it would have been nice if it could be skipped. 

    Another issue I was struggling with was getting my controller to respond to the UI so I had some issues with the interrogation, and some audio feedback when the field agent found something new would have raised the bar in this level of polish. As a starting point for a bigger product, this prototype shows promise. Good work team!

  • The concept of a two-player cooperative investigation game is an interesting one! I would really like to see this further developed beyond Jamfuzer. In its current state it felt like there was little reason for the game to be two-player. The only thing that differentiated the abilities of the two players was that one was inside and one was outside. It could be better to differentiate the abilities of the player characters by going down the good cop/bad cop route, perhaps. If both players are in the interrogation room together, and each character can only respond with the responses their characters would give, it would be an interesting push and pull of the players trying to decide which response is the best one to squeeze the information out of the suspect.

    The art style was nice and atmospheric, but the purely black and white colouring made it very difficult to locate the phones and the pieces of evidence. The magnifying glasses were completely lost on screen in the more shadowy parts of the game. The speed that the player's view rotated, and the really small pieces of evidence the player had to select, coupled with the dark visuals made it frustrating at times to pick up the evidence.

    The intro and outro to the game was very well done, and set the scene really nicely. It would be great to have seen more of an introduction into the story of Ruth and Franky, as I was only learning about these characters as the detective I was playing as was talking about them to the suspect. I still don't entirely know what the story was and I ended up accusing Ruth out of sheer randomness!

    With a little bit more work I think this game could be a really nice little couch co-op title. Work a little bit more on differentiating the abilities of each player and make the controls more forgiving to work with. Really good job on getting this much done in a weekend; I hope to see an updated version in the future!

Team Name

Game Name and Description
Project Noir, a coop detective game, requires 2 controllers one player collects clues and the other questions the suspect,.

Team Description
Jack Partridge: 3D Art/Project Manager, Chloe Harrison: 3D/2D Art, Bradley Cottam: 3D Art and video, Will Sowden: 3D Art, Jan Gison: Programming, Lewis Williams: Programming

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Forgot this in the submission but, all our sound was not created by us and is from royalty free sources such as

Also our gameplay video for those interested: