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Entry: Bomb Hopper

A topic by Alamantus GameDev created Jan 14, 2016 Views: 363 Replies: 4
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Random Game Seed: ugh

Random Game Idea: A roguelike game where an amphibian explores an impact site. At the same time, a warlord analyses modernized iron rods.

Qualifiers: none

Title: Bomb Hopper

Idea: Ok, so this is going to be a roguelike game where you control a frog whose procedurally-generated home swamp has recently become a bomb testing site for a warlord (get it? What are bombs but "modernized iron rods"? HA!)! You need to save your frog family from the bombs and escape, but the bomb testing has caused other animals to become radioactive and violent! Fight through the dangerous animals, rescue your family, and escape alive!

I'm planning on using Unity, and it'll be a fixed-camera, isometric 3D game. What I'm thinking is that you start with just your frog (probably bipedal), then just kind of run around finding things to protect yourself with. I'm going to have to keep the scope really small, so I won't be putting much variety into the game—maybe 3 of everything if I have time (weapons, armor, collectibles, enemies, etc). I'm going to try to model everything in Blender, but I'm pretty sure I won't be able to texture anything in time. Maybe I'll find some time to make/find music and sounds for this one!

Anyway, this should be fun and, more importantly, doable!


This sounds great! I will be using Unity as well.

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Alright, I streamed some of my work on modeling, rigging, and animating the frog, but it's not exporting to YouTube and I don't know how long Twitch saves the videos for... here's the Twitch link, though:


I'm almost done with most of the models and animations. I don't have screenshots yet because they're all in separate Blender files and I haven't started importing them into Unity yet. I'm hoping to start coding tomorrow—shouldn't be too hard once I get going. Gotta get the movement and attacking and stuff out of the way first, then I'll start building blocks for the generator to place.

For the generator, I'm planning on creating a bunch of pre-organized chunks that fit together well and have them randomly generate on a grid. Nothing too fancy, just a pre-defined width and length that gets filled in with those chunks. Should be pretty simple if I get everything set up right.


Yikes, so I still haven't started coding yet, which means that completion is looking a bit iffy right now. I might be able to slap something together, but if I don't figure out how to carve out time for it, that's not going to happen! :O

We'll just see how it goes. Hopefully it does turn out to be as easy as it sounds in my head!