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Foreign Language

A topic by Sylvaresta created Feb 25, 2018 Views: 100 Replies: 3
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I've just finished making a game chock-full of internal jokes for a very specific audience, initially for our community's jam. However, it ended up being pretty nice despite being hacked together in the spirit of 'for the lulz' under a day (though I did use copyrighted materials as they're part of the jokes) so I want to submit it somewhere.
Problem is it's in Indonesian. I had considered translating it (pretty short, only 700 words), but I'd have to sacrifice a lot of bites since there's no way for me to get most of the jokes across in English. So, is it ok with you if it's in a foreign language? I'd be happy to write an English description for you to get the general context of the game (what's in there, why it's made, and why the copyrighted materials are there) so you know enough to stream it.


A description would be helpful, but it’s better that it’s untranslated I think. Excited to play it!

Submitted (2 edits)

I thought I was dying once you started narrating the whole thing with English accent. Surprisingly, you did that quite decently for someone who'd not been learning Indonesian (65-70%, and you're definitely understandable to most natives). I will leave the complete description here in English for archival purpose. The background images were mine, shot on the way to the campus, but the elaborate anime-style artworks including everything in the free roll mode were, as you guessed, lifted from 'Granblue Fantasy' as stated below.

Hi, thanks for the jam!

This game was made for a bimonthly community Writing Challenge (current prompt: Misfortune). The rule said I could enter anything with at least 100 words in it, and we'd been pretty lax with format to endorse some wacky creativity. I happen to be around friends who transitioned from console JRPGs to (as you've might guessed) mobile JRPGs with random lottery gacha and all the in-game purchase trappings. Put two on two together with a truckload internal jokes and the game was born.

The game's title, literally "Salt Fantasy". is a direct play on "Granblue Fantasy", the game my friends are crazy of. The title screen is also a not-so-subtle hint of this connection, featuring the same large expanse of sky.

First thing first, the rough translation for the feature list I submitted in Indonesian:

-15 minutes of pointlessness adorned with half-assed smartphone shots and wannabe hipster filters
-Mundanely trivial choices giving about 20+ story variations*
-Secret mode unlocked after the main story**
-Collection gallery. Gotta catch them all!***
-A familiar playlist, shuffled in every play!****
-Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android
-Should only be around 700 words*****
-Exceedingly niche internal jokes******
-Massive copyright infringement*******
-The undeniable satisfaction in knowing there's someone out there with nothing better to do than you.

*We'd just finished a play session of Life is Strange
so in this game, you're presented with many choices, but none of them are high stakes. There is also at least one instance of the MC looking at a plant thinking he'd killed it.
**some people in our group are completionists
***A snide to replayability and the allure of these kind of games, in which millions are spent in order to chase certain collectible characters.
****Actual playlist of a friend's car, one that we spent a lot of time in and so familiar to everybody that everyone could hum the melody despite only a handful actually played the games they were from.
*****Some people had commented that lengthy entries from the previous two challenges were detrimental to casual reviewers.
******Including things happening "that one time we're playing" and the fast-food franchise we often call for play session deliveries.
*******I figured out using the game's actual assets would elicit more responses in the attempt of 'triggering the salts'. Plus, an excuse to sneak in as many things we all know of as possible.

The copy is written in a mock professional way, very proper and formal. In contrast, the language in the game is your usual teen street talks, filled with jargons and slangs. At the end of the copy is a note that the copy was made by the company X (a pun on another friend's publishing company) and the company is not responsible for excessive expectation caused by the copy's word choices and representation of the game. (pointing to the usual practice of overhyping a game).

The game itself is a glorified random function with bits of story tacked on. MC will spend a day in life filled with small misfortunes that depending on the player's choices and some RNG. (spoiler: things always end up badly whatever you do).

At the end of the day, the MC, fed up with getting late to campus/missed lunch due to incidents/failed a pop quiz/lost his money/etc tries to roll a gacha in his favorite game, subscribing in the belief that one's luck is finite and he might have exhausted his unluckiness. Sure enough, he gets something he wants. Then the game cuts to one of the two endings (one, that account being not his primary but what colloquially known as 'the secondary/reroll account' and the other one, the whole thing's a dream and he falls asleep in class).

Then you get a very pointless 'Free Roll Mode' in which you can draw as much as you want for free, in case you wish to delude yourself for not getting the character in the actual game. So even the salt is not real.



Awesomeeeee! I also am uploading a nice documentation version to Youtube now. I'll post a link here once it is done.