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Make a game that draws or is inspired by a specific reference to something that you know/love- podcasts, music, hobbies, jokes, TV series, or something else that very few other people have/do/watch/play. Make a difficult game, or a game about a difficult subject.

IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE PERFECT- you only have a week! 


Rather, think of this jam as a challenge to yourself, by making something you feel almost entirely comfortable and care/know about that most people definitely don't, and will have a hard time understanding or "getting" because of the amount of context and explanation required. Love and care are radical acts- and neither can be taken lightly or are easy to do. 

Games can take weird forms, but this is a challenge not to just be weird- do something that makes perfect sense to YOU but to everyone else most definitely does not. Games that can’t be explained with one sentence summaries, and where comments will not be all praise over technical, conceptual arrangement. Don’t feel the need to make a game that is “easy to learn but tough to master.” I mean, feel free to make those, but just not for this jam. This jam could easily benefit from a game that is “hard to learn, easy to master.”


Let what you love (Which most people will find indigestible except your niche) be your guide.

  • Build it for Windows/Web- though please also build it for Mac if you can, as well as Linux.
  • Build with any engine/toolset/code
  • Use any assets
  • Make the games available for free (though if you haven’t used copyrighted materials, accept donations for yourself)
  • Please be respectful with your games. Leapt from the code of conduct of the Global Game Jam: This jam is committed to providing a friendly, safe, and welcoming environment for all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ability, appearance, ethnicity, national origin, citizenship, socioeconomic status, and religion (or lack therof). No sexism, racism, discrimination or any kind of exclusion will be tolerated, and games that break this spirit will be removed. 
  • Jammers can make teams or work alone, but please upload a playable version of the game by 6 PM EST March 2nd.
  • If you are feeling stressed because of the making of your indigestible game, take a breath, get some air, and come back to it later. The stakes aren't high for this- on that note:



So even though there will be a winner submitted by participants, everybody's game will be documented and will have at least one streamer (albeit somebody who doesn't usually stream, but it's a start!). The stream will start at 6 PM EST on March 3rd (A link will be posted later in the week). For updates, follow me on twitter @perebite.

The winner will receive a poem from me.


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JoJo's Bizarre Punch Fest
An educational continental drift and plate tectonics game.
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a game for a jam that i stayed up late for
Two-player game, built for MakeyMakey and some oranges and a big screen.
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Sebuah sarana mengenal dunia di dekat Anda dan orang-orang tercinta.
Visual Novel
The misspelling is intentional.
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A dumb game based on a real quiz question
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