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Can i submit a web game

A topic by OuterTiger created 93 days ago Views: 120 Replies: 8
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I have a web game can i Sumbit it


Pls reply

web games seems a better option if ur game is short or is 2d. 


I would say if you could do it in the way the game madsukis closet did it. The game was submitted, is for browser, and just gives you the files to start it inside of your browser, offline. I don't know why that wouldn't be allowed

It says in the description “The games are then sold through itch in a single (space provided) zipped file”. I think he’s implying that the developers get paid even though that he made a browser game (Made to be played for free).


Ok thanks


Yeah, so long as the game be downloaded and played offline it's fine.

So if a WebGL is made, they have to submit the .zip file of the game or just the link to the itch site?


A playable web version is fine for submission but if a game is selected there needs to be a downloadable version.