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Save Your CogsView game page

Hard puzzle platformer about rescuing robots from experimenting evil AI
Submitted by DrunkChipRobotics (@splashshadow) — 19 hours, 24 minutes before the deadline

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People's Choice Vote#253.9643.964

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One man

Defold Engine

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Developer (1 edit)

Streamer YourBr0ther playthrough


The cogs moving up and down makes it annoying to grab them. The animation is fine, but they might as well have a hitbox that covers the full motion. The lack of an indicator for where the first shell will fall off ledges makes it more annoying to make precision jumps. I don't think the precision jumps are necessary at all given their lack of relation to the puzzle solving, but if you really want them in there, I suggest putting a light on the ground under the shell whenever it's on the ground. Lastly, when you're designing levels try to keep in mind that your player is under no obligation to continue playing your game. Wasting their time, even for a joke, is only going to make it less likely that they'll choose to do so.


Thx for playing! 

1) Cogs has right hitbox. Need to right setup characters to collect it. This game looks as easy game but at start each level need make plan how to complete level. Dont need to fall in "try, rewind, try ,rewind ..." sequence.

2) Precious jumps. Yes you are right, need tuneup some jump points.

3) I think you talk about level 4. This is not a wasting of player time. For logic - what you do when someone talk "YOU MUST DO ........ EXECTLY". In real life you just ***** ignore such request. Level 4 the same - i need stop and think - "what is wrong here?" and dont follow evil instrustion ... after 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9rd attempt :D I see positive reaction on friend faces when play this level. This level not a joke.

Sorry for bad lang (


I wasn't just talking about level 4, but that level is a good example.  You put the exit sign in a spot that didn't make sense while also breaking the rules implied by the title and levels up to that point, then had the game punish the player for doing what they were supposed to in all the previous levels. That's not logic.


ATTENTION! Linux version works with x3 speedup around a half of players! I dont know why and how .... so try use another builds! I cannot remove it!

ВНИМАНИЕ! Билд под Линукс имеет ошибку, скорость игры  в 3 раза выше. Используйте другие билды. Я не могу его удалить!


Мило и с любовью сделано.


Very nice time killer,nice graphics)


Thank you!


Хороший тайм киллер, игра отлично выглядит, удачи.


Спасибо за отзыв! )


inuminguart, извини но не удобно играть, пробел прыжок, как не крути, бросил, и по русски описание не написано, было похожее в молодости про грузчика, дерзай !)


really cool!


ATTENTION! Linux version works with x3 speedup around a half of players! I dont know why and how .... so try use another builds!



This game is awesom! I like a small game <3


Thank you for playing! )


Good time killer. Furious when you lose, but you press restart again and again.

more levels....very good game!!!

Графика симпатичная, но как русскоязычному пользователю не хватает описания на русском языке.


Да страничка игры на английском, но русский язык в игре есть - для этого надо на первом экране нажать на британский флаг и язык переключится на русский.  Спасибо за отзыв!


Good game, I like how the different capabilities of the Robots make each puzzle more interesting!


Thank you for feedback!