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Excellent entry, the timing on the balloon is spot on great game feel under 1K.

Yeah this is a gem, I really like the collision effect. Nicely done.

I love the feeling as they close in on you. You found a sweet spot with the speed and tracking.

Great entry, i like the little hud.

Hit the nail on the head; charming is the perfect word for this game.

100% need better collisions on the ceiling , coyote time, and a little jump input delay. Things to try and implement next time :)

This was very well done, I like the premise. The biggest low time improvement would be a level reset button for when you miss the mark and know it.  :)

Pretty cool idea, I also had a hard time with the controls I think it could have something to do with Hi Res monitors or maybe the web browser? Marqumax are you running a 1440+ resolution?

I really like how the "boost" sections feel. Very well done game nice job.

Gotta agree with Stealthness collision detection did not feel good (In my opinion). I like the SFX and cool idea!

The controls are a neat idea, they need a little love to make em perfect! Great entry nice work!

Nice job! I like the art very cool effect!

you really gotta plan ahead when you want to ascend. Pretty nice FB clone, good job!

So I hated the noises the boats make when they blow up but, I got really addicted to listening to them. So I guess in the end I like them now. Nice job with the game!

This is my first time doing this jam, I had a bunch of fun being on a short leash. I never really noticed how often I want to just start learning about some tech rabbit hole in the middle of a project. I spent about half and hour looking into the sspr function in pico-8 before I decided the effect wasn't worth the time. I'll be doing this jam again! 

Very cool algorithm, I really like the implementation here. Nice work! 

This is one of my favorite sound packs for prototyping. I have used it in four prototypes so far. I find that it helps me to have the right vibe when I play test my prototypes to see if I can find some fun in there. There is a little bit of everything in this pack which means you can choose a vibe for your testing. This is really useful for when you are letting you spouse or friends try a prototype, it makes it feel so much more flushed out. I might even keep the tracks in game if I can get a project out of the prototyping phase haha.

This is great pack of emotional soundscapes. The tracks are deep and evoking while being able to remain a background element that will provide depth and atmosphere to your project. I highly recommend!

AVG doesn't like your build lol

Cool idea, fun physics.  Magnets have interesting attraction physics. Good job!

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Fun theme and pretty great character controller. I think the second jumps platforms should spin more slowly. Nice entry, I liked it!

Your game is delightful, I really enjoyed how cleaver it was on many levels. The humor was great, the scope of the project was great, the puzzles were great. Felt polished and well done. One of the best ones in the jam imo.

Nice little puzzle game well done for such a short jam. The controls are a bit finicky on the mouse it could use a cinemachine camera with some damping. Overall Very good entry!

I will look into the sword collision, thanks for the tip!

Thanks for the feedback it is much appreciated!

Haha, thats great. If ever there was a good reason to have hard to read font in a game this is it. Made from scratch during a 58 hr game jam. Much respect for that!

This was an amazing game jam entry, The text was pretty hard to read for my on my 1920 x 1080 monitor. Everything else was great, unique, and creative. I love all the little dialogs, your writing for this game was funny and creative.

Thanks for playing and giving feedback, it is much appreciated!

This is throwing a fatal error on boot for a font.

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Huh hu HUugh huuuuh huh hhhhhha.  Good entry, nice animation!

Really  cool how the escape key brings you into the 3D world. It's reminiscent of the asylum demon from Dark Souls 1. Very creative.

I liked the graphics and sound, the textures on the art are reminiscent of Kirby games and  Yoshi's island. sometimes it will spawn two flies that are so far apart on the Y access it's impossible to reach them even if you change direction right away. Great entry!

I will most certainly add knock-back to the weapon combat is a bit ridiculous at the moment. Thanks for the feedback it is much appreciated!

Thanks for the kind feedback!

Thanks for the kind feedback I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the feedback, I only included the attack because he was holding the sword in the art but yeah it needs some knockback or something so you don't take damage haha. I can't tell if there is some kind of acceleration bug with on way platforms, I was falling very quickly sometimes, it was very inconsistent. I assume your referring to the one way platform on level 2. I might add a small platform below after the ratings are over. Thanks for your thoughts it helps a lot!