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It was most likely the cars  barely out of view as I reached the top of the screen, either way great game! I really enjoyed it.

Haha, thats great. If ever there was a good reason to have hard to read font in a game this is it. Made from scratch during a 58 hr game jam. Much respect for that!

I may have, I got to the top edge, took some damage and died. I couldn't see anything ahead of me though so it's possible it was collision damage.

This was an amazing game jam entry, The text was pretty hard to read for my on my 1920 x 1080 monitor. Everything else was great, unique, and creative. I love all the little dialogs, your writing for this game was funny and creative.

Thanks for playing and giving feedback, it is much appreciated!

This is throwing a fatal error on boot for a font.

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Huh hu HUugh huuuuh huh hhhhhha.  Good entry, nice animation!

Really  cool how the escape key brings you into the 3D world. It's reminiscent of the asylum demon from Dark Souls 1. Very creative.

Great game, I ended up getting obsessed with seeing if i can run off the screen.  I love the crunchiness of the cars and the chicken is just fantastic. Great work!

I liked the graphics and sound, the textures on the art are reminiscent of Kirby games and  Yoshi's island. sometimes it will spawn two flies that are so far apart on the Y access it's impossible to reach them even if you change direction right away. Great entry!

I will most certainly add knock-back to the weapon combat is a bit ridiculous at the moment. Thanks for the feedback it is much appreciated!

Thanks for the kind feedback!

Thanks for the kind feedback I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the feedback, I only included the attack because he was holding the sword in the art but yeah it needs some knockback or something so you don't take damage haha. I can't tell if there is some kind of acceleration bug with on way platforms, I was falling very quickly sometimes, it was very inconsistent. I assume your referring to the one way platform on level 2. I might add a small platform below after the ratings are over. Thanks for your thoughts it helps a lot!

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Here is my real submission if anyone wants to play it.

Is there anyway to fix this? The game was completed on time, thanks for any help!

I knew someone would love that reticle, thanks for playing!

KAJ7, I love this game. It's so well done, good job man. I would like to see an objective put in it besides upgrading. I would definitely love to see a more developed version of this game! Alot of the feedback I thought of Jack mentioned, some solid advice down there in my opinion! Great entry!

Very Nicely done I love the Idea behind the mechanic, I second scaling the early difficulty. None the less very cool stuff!

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I am still getting error "The application “A Collection - Mac (Mini Jam 42)” can’t be opened." I checked privacy settings and extracted, can't seem to get it running. Catalina 10.15.1

Thanks for letting me know, you are the first one to have framerate issues but, I knew they were a possibility. It was a pretty messy endeavor. I will make the next game much more efficient. PM me on here or discord if you are willing to give my next alpha a go. It will be similar and I would love to know it will run nicely on your machine! :)

i plan to fix this in the soul sequel, thanks for playing and the feedback!

Duuuude, I totally thought about the shots giving you enough knockback to scoot on the ice but, didn't have time to implement it. I will be adding collectable items to the soul sequel! Thanks for playing and the feedback:)

Thanks for playing, and the detailed feedback that's always really helpful. :)

Loved the art for this game, your dithering turned out very impressive, some changes to the gameplay could be refreshing. Maybe some snowflake snatchers or something. Great Entry!

Really well done, I like the concept. It would be cool to have directional control over the arm. Wish you left the alpha out so it was 2 color, other that that it's a great game!

Great game, love the R2D2-esq scream! Platforms generating at max jump distance and enemies would be cool. Nice work!

Nice work, this is a great start with pico-8! 

I love how the snow fills up your the screen, adding some more crazy effects would be cool. I can't seem to block the five ball effect.  I like the game overall Nice Job!

Thanks alot, I'm thinking of making a proper game of it :)

Controls feel very hard to grasp even to make it over the second jump, cool idea just needs a little more love.

Well done the game play is fun, it got to the heart of what makes the idea fun. Stayed simple, fun, and short. Great Jam Game!

The giant snowman in this game is bane of my existence. The controls were executed nicely I wish the speed buff was a little slower though. The giant buff was epic, good entry overall!

I was thinking of using a four color pallet and making something a little longer, Thanks for Playing!

Fun game, it would be cool if a well timed bomb on a bulldoser could get me a bigger time bonus!

How bad I am at this game has me rethinking life, those are some savage princesses. Nice job!

I feel like I made every level harder than it needed to be, really fun physics based game. The way the ball bounces kind reminds of an old flash game call interactive buddy (also physics based)

Very atmospheric I love the rendering technique. I would love to see this expanded upon. Great entry!

The controls on this were spot on, moth felt perfect. I wish the difficulty would have scaled. Got a 710 by the time I decided the try and kill the snowball haha.