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The Depths of GriefView game page

My own twist on the amnesiac protagonist plot device
Submitted by TommyGunGames — 5 hours, 4 minutes before the deadline

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Judge feedback is anonymous.


    The graphics are all RTP. Mapping is a mix of empty large rooms and large rooms with decorations. It's very standard but not great mapping.

    Sound is used in the default way. It doesn't add to the atmosphere, but isn't jarring in it's use either.

    Music is the same - very standard in it's use, but not jarring.

    The writing is okay, but doesn't really explain much about the game. It seems as though the developer wanted to have some deep story but it missed the mark by a lot, having no explanation as to what, exactly, was going on. Technically the writing was okay, though.


    Battles are simple and easy enough to blow through. You have two skills, with a third unlockable via finding a sword. Battles aren't really necessary, they're just there as optional padding. They make no change to the story despite the story attempting to say that they do.

    It's very simple - walk through a few areas and leave by either defeating an easy boss or choosing not to battle. Either way, there's not much to the game.

    It didn't have anything worth playing for. The 'story' is something that has been done a hundred times, much better and isn't compelling. The visuals don't really do anything for the setting and the dialogue is rather bland and empty. As a whole the game is finished in a few minutes (possible to end it in under a minute, even) and it's just... there.

    At least it was short and you could avoid all the battles if you wanted, even if nothing changed if you did despite the game trying to allude to there being different endings for doing so.

    The theme was fighting to live but the game just doesn't do a good job of making it work. There was some obvious deepness that the developer attempted to convey but it just wasn't presented well at all. Naming areas is about all they did to convey it and if you've no idea what the name is supposed to mean, then you're just left wondering what the point was.


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Just myself


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Found a game-breaking bug. If you choose to take gold from 'Spriti of Garbiniang' game freeze.


Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I encountered that bug as well during beta testing but thought I had successfully removed it, guess I was wrong about that. It appears to be not because of choosing to take the gold but because of where the enemy is positioned on the map when you encounter him and choose to spare him. I forgot to toggle the "skip if can't complete" toggle for for the enemy moving away from you to prevent an infinite encounter, so it keeps trying to move away from the player and waiting for that to happen. I've fixed it and will upload the fixed version once the competition is over. Thank you for your comment about this bug.