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A downloadable game.
Updated title and page content.
Jpando published a prototype 313 days ago
A downloadable prototype.
URL to MakeCode Project The Problem Help a guest find a given destination within a large space. The Solution Display the guest's heading and distance from their destination using the on-device di...
momothemonster published a project 313 days ago
A downloadable project.
This simple project reads the sensor connected to Analog Input 0 and plots the incoming heartbeat signals to the LED matrix on the MicroBit
Sam Gates published a project 313 days ago
A downloadable project. This is designed to be used as a scavenger hunt or to run a map with LEDs. Nodes can be set up around the show floor with different signal strengths and node ID. Signal strength will determine how...
Scott Richards published a game 313 days ago
A downloadable game.
A queue tracker for attendees. Rather then wait in line you would get a controller that displays your current position in line. The controller is equipped with a speaker so it can give you updates, say funny quips and generally keep you inf...
nicholas.eymann published a tool 314 days ago
A downloadable tool.
Gain rapid insight into macro social perception! The Problem Imagine being able to provide your audience a visually engaging and instantaneous way of demonstrating group sentiment? Written surveys are no good, we need data visualization! Th...
BenParisot published a Interaction 323 days ago
A downloadable Interaction.
Do you get bored without constant exposure to external stimuli? Do you hate waiting in lines at trade shows, industry conferences, the DMV, or the free clinic? Well despair no more, oh ye of little patience - introducing the Wait Shake! Th...
momothemonster published a game 1 year ago
A downloadable game.
Live Source: Temperature Warn This project charts the overall temperature around the MicroBit, flashing when it gets to a pre-defined danger zone, and filling up until it hits a max. Modify the variables flashAt and maxTemp to change the C...