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The MicroBit is an easy-to-use Microcontroller for learning about electronics. In this study, you will get your own MicroBit to use. You can program it using the online editor at

The Assignment

Build something that would be useful for Freeman in a conference/tradeshow environment. It doesn't have to be incredibly useful, but it should solve a problem

Here are some ideas from a brainstorm we had with the Freeman Digital Team

How To Start

Visit and click 'Getting Started' to start the interactive tutorial. You can develop your application without having a Micro-Bit on hand, their simulator lets you do just about everything. If the nodes are too limiting for you, switch to Javascript mode and write your code directly!

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Waiting has never been so interactive.
Sense whether a device is too hot.
Detect a microbit's position within a room, and display heading and distance to a destination.
Set up nodes around the show floor for guests to find. When a Smart Badge gets close enough to a node it lights up!
A wearable "easy" button for exhibitors to summon concierges