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So... what are you all making???

A topic by Spwack created Mar 20, 2020 Views: 346 Replies: 5
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apocalyptic survivor cyborg :)


Well, I'm trying to make the beginning of an apocalypse story. My first attempt to make a game in general. I'm only just starting to try and make it (just heard of this jam and it made me want to make a game). Wish you all luck on yours!! <3 (hope I can make the deadline)


i am making like forest camp zombie survival but my player gliches. Btw first time doing a game jam game dev but i hope 4 all, good luck!


Working on a Twine about dealing with the end of the world. Not stopping it, just figuring out what to do with the time you have left. Hopefully I'll be able to finish what I want to before the end of the day.

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time travel rpg to go back in time and stop the madness.