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Well, I'm trying to make the beginning of an apocalypse story. My first attempt to make a game in general. I'm only just starting to try and make it (just heard of this jam and it made me want to make a game). Wish you all luck on yours!! <3 (hope I can make the deadline)

I dunno if you'll see this, but I just wanted you to know I found this game a couple weeks ago (on the google store--) and this game is the first of yours I found and it really made me fall in love with your games! On the store I only found this, the sequel, Lilac and Her Light, and A Hero and A Garden, so I was a little sad that was all, but I was looking around here and I came across a few familiar faces so I thought, 'why not check out their account here?' and I'm so, so, so glad I did, cause now there's all these games from you and I really can't wait to play and I just wanna say I really love your art style and your design style and just everything about your games!! 


Sorry for wasting your time, I just really felt I had to say something and let you know I love your games ^^;;