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A jam entry

BloodmancerView game page »

Submitted by cxgr

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Game is based on managing one resource for both offence and defence (ammo/hp)

Third-party resources
Engine: Unity3D, using DOTween Pro (http://dotween.demigiant.com/license.php)
Music: http://freesound.org/people/Incarnadine/sounds/28537/ for background song

https://twitter.com/Blair_Claw - art/design
https://twitter.com/_cxgr - programming

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I really like the concept of being a sangromancer that needs to cut his enemies to restore his blood magic. I think this pretty well executed. Only issues are that most of the enemies are chumps that go down too easily, and don't really force you into a pattern of retreating to shoot and then darting back in to get more blood. You can kind just dash, shoot, dash, shoot, with very few consequences. Also, while the ambient noise is creepy, it's very annoying. Obviously you didn't have enough time, but sound effects for feedback would make this feel a million times better.

Cool concept, great art, hope you flesh it out more. I'm gonna go shoot myself for making that joke now.