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A jam submission

Super Dash DeluxeView game page

GMTK Jam 2017 Submission
Submitted by Dirt410 — 2 hours, 12 minutes before the deadline

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Super Dash Deluxe's page

How does your submission match the theme?
-Moving not only gets you going, but it keeps you from going insane (dying).

-Dashing lets you safely move across pits and grabby hands, but also replenishes your energy.

-Energy lets you shoot a ranged attack but if you keep your energy maxed out you can dash into enemies to regain a bit of sanity(health).

Third-party resources
Super Dash Deluxe was created using the Unity engine.
Music was created using Bosca Ceoil.
SFX were created using Bfxr.
Pixel art was created using Photoshop.

Nic Fontaine

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Hi there.

Would it be a x64 executable by any chance? Unfortunately I can't run it with my current rig, would you be able to do a x32 executable if it is the case ?


I actually have a browser version as well.



Thank you for making this version available.

I am going to be fairly critic, but since it is only your first game done in very little time I think you should still be proud of what you've accomplished :)

Good points:

  • game is contrasted and easy to read
  • the characters are funny with their weirdness

Improvement points:

  • music is a bit repetitive. The fact that it resets when you die does not help
  • there is a general lack of feedback for lots of things
  • you need to work a little bit on the page, even if it is a gamejam you need to lure people to play your game :)
  • there are some problematic blind jumps, so either:
    • design your levels to avoid such jumps
    • or use a camera dissociated from the player (allowing to view the bottom in this instance)
  • physics seemed inconsistent:
    • the feeling I had while playing was that for the same action I had different results
    • the falls seemed a bit floaty
    • the dash did not feel satisfying

I have also more personnal criticism but that could vary a lot from person to person:

  • I am not a fan of sanity concept. I gather that you tried do it to be funny for the contrast between cheerfulness of the game and insanity, but it does not click for me.
  • You almost never lose because of sanity, but mostly because of falling into hands. Your ideas were good, but maybe aim for less if you still have progress to do to implement them

That's it !

Congrats on submitting, and good luck for your future projects !


Thanks for the critique! You've addressed everything I felt was wrong, which actually makes me feel good. haha