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Submitted by gmilh (@gmilh) with 13 hours, 50 minutes before the deadline

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How does your submission match the theme?
The game concept was created for the Game Maker Toolkit's Game, it adapts to the theme of "Elegant Game Design" in the way that, it tries to create the depth experience of a fighting game, by relying only on a minimal amount of game mechanics, and a "reduced" control scheme.

Third-party resources
Game Engine - Unreal Engine 4.16
Miscellaneous Visual Assets - Unreal Engine Starter Content
Background music - made with Otomata
Sound Effects - made with Chiptone

The game concept, design, and game logic features in the prototype, were all created by me, Giandomenico Lombardi, also known by the pseudonym James Gmilh

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This was quite difficult to control. Nice effects and aesthetic though!



How does your submission match the theme?

The game concept was created for the Game Maker Toolkit's Game, it interprets the theme of "Dual Purpose Design", by offering the player a contained amount of mechanics (Dashing, Jumping, Smashing), which are triggered by a common Action Button, and can be deployed for either offense or defense purposes, as well as to just facilitate movement.

Developer (4 edits)

Please read the README!!!

It's in the downloadable archive, but for your convenience I am pasting the Controls section here as well



WASD Keys Left Analog StickMove Marble in a specific direction 
MouseRight Analog StickRotate camera* left/right
Space BarA Button Marble not being moved by playerMarble performs a Dash towards the opponent
Marble being moved by playerMarble performs a Dash in the direction the player is moving it towards
Space Bar
A Button
Marble groundedMarble performs a Jump
Marble airborneMarble performs a Smash to the ground, the impact producing a shockwake
R KeyY ButtonReload Level
Escape KeyStart ButtonQuit Game

*when in proximity to the opponent, the camera will automatically lock towards it

  • Dash is a very fast movement, which can be used to either dodge an attack, or hit the opponent to stun and possibly push it out of bounds
  • Jump results in your Marble being launched upwards, which can be used to either dodge an attack, move around the opponent to blindside him, or even prepare for a Smash
  • Smash finally launches your Marble downwards, it can be used to avoid attacks in mid air, but it's main effect is the shockwake it creates on impact,  which stuns and pushes away the opponent if hit, and the higher your Marble is when you Smash, the stronger the shockwake will be