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You are the last survivor of the alien infestation. Your survival depends on your cunning.
Submitted by Peanj — 21 hours, 31 minutes before the deadline

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Dual purpose design:

Powers your weapon
Powers your map
Powers your radar
Powers your life support
Systems switch off as battery loses charge

Firing kills enemies
Firing drains your battery
Firing on a pickup turns it from a battery pickup to a health pickup
Firing leaves 'flare' trails providing visibility

Fully recharge your battery
Awards points if battery is full on pickup
Turns into a health pickup upon being shot
Health pickups lower the life support threshold

As you take damage from enemies your life support demand increases, leaving less battery to power your other systems.
Firing a laser and draining the battery below life support threshold leaves you weak, slow, and vulnerable untill your battery charges.
You die when your lifesupport requirement is 100%
The rhythm of play alternates between offensive and defensive.
Offensive when your battery is charged to thin the alien numbers.
Defensive when your battery is recharging.

Third-party resources
Coded in GameMaker Studio 1.6
Music written in MuseScore 2.1
Art made in Game Maker's sprite editor
Sound effects made in SFXR

Daniel D'Cruz.
Just me; Coding, Art, Music, Sound effects, Testing.

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Good combination of ideas! It fits the theme quite well.

I had a bit of difficulty understanding the whole UI at first (health mixed with battery, little spots spotted by radar), but the game does a great job for teaching it without instruction.

Congratulation for having made this alone! The art is simple, but gives a nice atmosphere.


Thanks Itooh, glad you had some fun with it. It was a blast to make.