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Shuttle HellView game page

A bullet hell.. but you can't move!
Submitted by underdisk — 2 hours, 36 minutes before the deadline
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A strangely relaxing approach to a shooter, an impression the music only adds to. :) It seems that enemies get always pushed to the left, even though you're hitting them in the opposite direction, which can be a bit frustrating and makes it hard to strategically clear your way so you can charge your bar. I like that you're encouraged not to overuse the laser (even though that part could be a bit more pronounced).


Thanks ! 

I'm glad you saw the laser use limitation idea. Making the score the main goal was a mistake : the player wants to survive for long and so will shoot anyway. 

Yep, small physics problem, but it was working  pretty ok and I didn't want to change the entire system completely taking the risk to affect the gameplay too much. With more time, I would have attempted it. 


A charming little game :)

The spritework is ok, but the enemies blend a little into a pulpy mass, I'd give them some interesting sprite shaders or something, to spice things up. The sound design was pretty good. Mechanically there isn't too much going on, but it's enough to be engaging in a minimal way. The shooting lacks a proper punch to be satisfied with this simple thing, but still, the knockback feels very good. It's a shame that spamming reds is kinda the optimal way to play, trying to save the blue laser is usually too much of a risk for it's reward.
Great job making this game happen!


Ah ! I would love using shaders thought I have the free version of game maker (and asked someone with the paid version for release) 

I made a big mistake : making the score the main player goal, because spamming lasers makes the score static, but the player wants to survive anyway

Thanks ! 


It took me a second to figure out what I was looking at in that thumbnail, but I burst out laughing when I read the title and it finally clicked.

I couldn't get blue lasers to fire, only red. The game was still fairly playable though.

I like how the core mechanic is pretty much just aggressively asking people to get out of your way.

Overall it was a pretty fun game, if not somewhat simplistic, and I enjoyed playing it.


Thank you! 

I think I gave the score not enough space on the screen. It's this small thing on the left and is not that important for the player

Because if you didn't get the blue laser, that probably means that you spammed the red ones. That is making your score static 

the goal was for the player to take risks. that is also why you get 3 times more score when the bar is full and the blue laser (that is a powerful blast) gives 15 points per enemy killed. 

from multiple playtest I had the same problem : the player would never wait for the full bar to load

if I had to update the game I would add more visual importance to the score, and also more bonuses accorded with it, to make it the real goal of the player! 

thank you for playing it and I'm glad you enjoyed it :) 


Very nice, love it!