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I hear your frustrations- most of them are consequences of my rushed implementation. The hitbox on the Guys were originally the full sprite, but were reduced to half the height in order to have them walk at the top of the screen without it looking strange. The horizontal and vertical velocity on the gun, guys, and enemies are all dealt separately instead of using trigonometry which would have practically gotten rid of the issues of the gun sliding just shy of its destination, but that was a decision I made early on because I'm not used to doing it that way. Making the gun throw distance shorter than original was yet another last minute change so it couldn't be tested out.

On another note, the turrets were added to encourage spreading out, and I think a few of the levels featuring the turrets are turned out the best, forcing the player to pass and move around as much as possible. It's unfortunate I couldn't think of another way to play like this, because it's certainly when the game is at its most fun

Thank you so much for your comments, and so much for playing!

That's certainly a bug, one that I haven't heard of before... I actually can't think of what could cause it, the level progression works off of GameMaker's room order (using room_goto_next() for most of the levels). It's possible that going into endless mode first or some weird combination of room switches I haven't thought of would cause this, as score and text popups are currently pretty broken for these reasons.

I understand that you probably wouldn't want to go through the whole thing again to see it, so I threw together a Boss Hotfix patch version which replaces level 2 with the boss if you wanted to give it another shot:

Sorry for the trouble!

Kind of like Tron meets No Time To Explain, cool!

Interesting take on the theme, the flamingos were very cute :D

The visuals being only represented in Xs was a funny touch, it made it very clear which button I had to press in order to advance haha

I would've thought that a single-button puzzle platformer would be difficult to understand, but it seemed clear in this game, nice work!

I like the tennis theme to the "one bullet" idea! I think it would be neat if the score granted from an enemy increased if the ball had killed more than one enemy in the shot already, it would add more incentive to line up trickshots which is certainly where the fun in this game is. Good entry!

That's a great suggestion! Not sure if I'm making a post-jam version as of yet because I have another project on the go, but if I do that's definitely something I'm adding!

Love the writing, game was really funny! My highscore is 78 people killed, which is a large number so I'm assuming I did very well

Reminds me a bit of 12 is Better Than 6, except with the "only one" twist. Neat idea!

Wow! Thank you so much, it makes me so happy that people are enjoying my game!

Visually very impressive, like the music too, nice take on the theme, love it!

First time I've seen this take on the theme, or a game like this in any of the previous jams for that matter. The sounds are funny, like it!

I don't know what it is about throwing things as a mechanic in video games, but something about it always makes me like the game more. Though yes attacking could have been faster, it was interesting to juggle between the torch and knife!

Absolutely adore the sound design! Once I got the hang of the controls it felt great to swing around, nice entry!

Thanks a lot for trying! Contrast was something I absolutely wasn't thinking about, and I can totally see how that could be an issue, thank you for the feedback! I've made jam games with fullscreen capabilities in the past, but if I'm being totally honest I just forgot about it this time haha. It doesn't help that I don't have a lot of experience with supporting different kinds of resolutions or aspect ratios with GameMaker, but that's certainly something I'm going to work on in the future :D

Love seeing these 1 button games, it's crazy how many different kinds of games people can make with it!

What if there was an NHL game but the puck was a gun and there wasn't any hockey?

Love the visuals and audio, thought the idea was cool too! I really like seeing different interpretations of the one button idea

Like others have said, it unfortunately suffers from some technical issues, but aside from that I like your idea and thought this was a good entry! Good work!

Super good! Felt great to play, and fun to figure out the puzzles in each level. This is truly a fantastic entry, and I hope to see it exceed!

Super neat game! I love how the mechanics are a little systemic, it had me feeling like I was outsmarting the game coming up with my own solutions in some levels. Great entry!

The body switching mechanic felt a little unsupported by the other elements of the game, and I found myself opting to use one body. That said, I think the idea of a switching bodies with your one head is very creative! It's a shame the python thing will be a limiting factor on this game. I applaud your skills in using pygame as well, I couldn't even get simple collision to work haha

Neat idea! also love the thumbnail art

I hear you there haha, making my own game was 80% creating assets to turn into a game, and 20% 5 hour grind to create, test, and polish levels for the assets to work. Nice job!

This game is so adorable! Everything from the faces on the game elements to the size of the window contributed towards that. I felt myself getting genuinely tense as the sun progressively looked more aloof, and the "protect" list item remained unaccounted for. Definitely a full game experience for only having a single button to input, and a significantly fun one at that!

Very cool idea, haven't seen any other games with dialog as a mechanic. Neat!

Great game!
This is the first game I've come across that reminds me of my own in a way. It's wildly different of course, but the element of switching characters to reload was something I came up with as well

I adore the idea of a playable bullet possessing robots. In the robots I literally felt like a glass cannon, which was exciting! I did find myself getting lost a little, and did find myself wishing for full WASD bullet movement, but those are minor nitpicks at best.

Up with the best games I've played so far!

One of my favourite takes on the theme! At first I was worried the game would run out of steam with just the control gimmick pretty fast, but just as I thought it would get dull another new puzzle element is introduced. Excellent pacing, good level design, kept me engaged. Love it!

Definitely reminded me of Titan Souls, but to be fair so did the jam theme

The difficulty is pretty high (at least for me, a weakling) but it was an interesting idea overall!

I never finished Baba is You. Grid-based block-pushing games have always escaped me to some degree, making the "a-ha" moment all the more satisfying. I definitely felt that with this game! I felt like it was a bit difficult right out the gate, but once I figured out the mechanics I realized that the puzzles were well designed. Good stuff!

Definitely a funny take on the theme! Reminds me of the blue fights in Undertale if it were mixed with the On/Off switch from Mario Maker in 1D.  I also like the option to resize the dimension for visual clarity. Neat game!

Really neat! I managed to clip myself through the floor with the grappling hook haha. I would've loved to see more levels to explore the potential synergy between the grapple hook and wooden objects, that was definitely my favourite part. Cool take on the theme and fun puzzle platformer game overall!

This game is incredible visually! Love the assets used and attacking had lots of juice to it. I've been meaning to get into digital card games like Slay the Spire lately, so it was a timely game for me too. I do feel like the 0 cost cards make the game a bit too easy, however it was a very fun game overall. I like it!

This feels like one of the best compliments I've ever received- Thank you so much! Sounds like you caught everything I was trying to accomplish with this game :D

I think it's valuable! Some tricks in there I didn't realize while playing

No worries, still enjoyed :D

Cool idea! For some reason it was taking up a massive amount of CPU on my computer, but other than that small technical issue it was a neat game!

Nice! Reminds me a lot of Getting Over It. Physics are a little jank, but definitely better than what I could crank out in 2 days!