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A rouge-like with nothing to do.
Submitted by GigglesandGlasses — 3 hours, 19 minutes before the deadline
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I really like the hook that you're on the heels of an epic hero, and therefore there's not much left to find. But I was hoping to find more signs of the hero. Maybe solve dangerous puzzles by looking at his tracks. Learn what his quest is; his purpose in this dungeon. Maybe you're no hero yourself, but a foe trying to get his own back. The game has great atmosphere, but I wished it did more with it...


Thank you for the feed back!

We had intended to show him leaving each boss room just as you enter it. And we do plan on adding more content (more floors, added puzzles, ect.) once the rating process has been completed.  

There is a small story being told with the shop keeper from floor 1 to floor 2, that we wish to embellish on. And the second set of bosses (randomized between two different characters), and the hero himself make reference to Beowulf. In the content we plan to add, we hope to make this more clear, from the players perspective. 

And like with the other posts: Just out of curiosity, how far did you get? And how many attempts did you give it?

Again thank you for the feedback, and have a wonderful day.


If I remember correctly, I got to the third level, mostly ignoring enemies unless they got in the way.

Glad to hear you're going to build further on the idea ! I still think it's a great hook, to not play the hero but follow in his/her footsteps. You could take that in many directions. Curious to see where you will end up. :-)


Thank you so much! We do hope you consider following the progress and we really appreciate the constructive criticism!

Have a good one!


The ambiance is absolutely great! The sounds and little details everywhere make the "adventure" feels, well, empty. Just ruins, solved puzzles, a quest devoid of purpose... It's simple, but the execution is really great, and it gives a spectacular atmosphere. I loved it!


Thank you for the kind words, we are glad you  enjoyed your time with empty! 

Just out of curiosity, how far did you get? And how many attempts did you give it?

Have a wonderful day.


It took me three attempts to reach the end. On my first try I didn't realized I could take damage (the health icon is a bit tiny). On my last run I just ignored all enemies (until the last, of course). The game wasn't too hard, but mistakes are easy to make when fighting.


Thank you for the feedback! 

If you are interested, once the rating process is finished we will be updating the page with a play in browser version. We also plan on doing more updates in the future. 

Thanks again for the kind words and feedback.

Really enjoyed the execution. The design and sounds are adorable.

Maybe I just didn't get far enough, but I don't understand it.



It is supposed to be a rouge-like without any loot. How far did you get?

level 2 I think, then the game decided to just freeze for eternity ::shrug::


It's cool. The game freezes forever when you die.I didn't have time to fix it before turning it into the jam, we cut it pretty close.We do have a fixed version if you want to see what it was supposed to be. It's on our page you can play in browser.Thanks for playing and rating our submission.