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Blackout, Lost Everything

A topic by CoderAngel created Feb 26, 2021 Views: 216 Replies: 4
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Well, it wouldn't be a REAL game jam without some uncontrollable life event crashing all your work and robbing you of precious time, now would it?

We had a blackout that cost me an entire day on its own and appears to have corrupted my game by crashing mid-save. Yaaaaay.


That's a real bummer! Sorry to hear this! Did you manage to recover it in the end?


Thank you, I appreciate your kind words of solidarity!
Some things were unrecoverable, but I managed to get a game "finished" and submitted. =)

Submitted (1 edit)

You're welcome! 

Awesome! I'm glad you managed to submit something. What's your game called? I'll check it out!

Unfortunately we didn't get our game anywhere near finished. We submitted what we had anyways, but it doesn't work. We thought we'd just submit it, in the hope that it may peak peoples interest and they may hold out for the finished version, which we're still working on! 馃槀


Finishing is *always* hard. But choosing to submit your project in the hopes of inspiring others is an extremely noble thing to do - MAJOR props to you and your team!

I decided to ironically name my game "Blackout".  ;)