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Coherent states of matter: SuperconductorView game page

Use the levitate effect of superconductors to reach end of each level (GDL - Quantum Jam)
Submitted by Tristeratos — 23 minutes, 9 seconds before the deadline

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Coherent states of matter: Superconductor's page


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Some material can change dramatically, when it is cooled down. If the temperature of a so called superconductor falls under the critical temperature, the electrical resistance falls to nearly zero. But it is not all! If a magnet lies under the superconductor it began to levitate.

In this game, the player has to change the temperature of a superconductor and use the levitate effect to reach the end of each level.

Engine is Unity 5. Round about 50 % of time was for reasearch and creating the game mechanics. 25 % of time was for leveldesign and the last 25 % was for other stuff like graphics or music.

I like the behavior and movement of the levitating platforms, especially when the player jumps on it. I had fun by thinking about how I can make the mechachnic useful. I'm not satisfied with the mount of levels. I think a few more were better, but I haven't time runs out. The same by any missing menue. All in all, it was a funny little project. I could imagine to work on it further.

(Unfortunately I read so much about Quantum Physics that I totally forgot the real theme of this game jam, which was Super Position. Now I created a game, which uses coherent states of matter, another field of Quantum Physics. I hope you enjoy this little game anyway)

What assets did u use? Link them here

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Cool premise for a game, and very nice 3d models. Gameplay is a little basic though and there's not much variety. 


Really nice level of polish on this. Idea was cool and it played very well. Tutorials did a nice job of easing you into the mechanics too. Audio was good, if a little quiet, and the graphics were mostly nice too (besides that water texture lol). Only small thing to say is that the pop up text for interacting was a little difficult to see in that colour. Would've been nicer if it had the same treatment as the tutorial text on the boards, which was very nice.