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Are people even trying?

A topic by hnm938 created Dec 19, 2018 Views: 121 Replies: 3
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My game for this game jam is still in development at this time. Also at this time there is three submissions, and one of them I don't even think is a game. Cookie clicker without insulting the developer has no effort put into it. Same with the head soccer game , I know there are different levels of skill when it comes to game development but it is clear that these two games had no intention to be good. You have 22 days or 18 days counting from now to make a game. You don't have to use up all the time, but It would be nice to take that time, rethink you're game, change it a little bit and make it better than it is already. I just don't want to see games like these that have 0 effort put into them, you're game is like you're kid, so take care of it and put you're best effort into thank you!

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The whole point of this jam is to be a laid-back thing, where people are free to make what they want using whatever portion of the allotted time they like. Would it be nice if every game submitted was of excellent quality and clearly took a lot of time and effort? Sure, but that's not really realistic or in-theme with the jam.

People only have so much vacation time to spend, and oftentimes plenty of other ways they could spend it, so for a 0-stakes non-competitive jam I wouldn't be too concerned by people making simplistic games. Plus, because this is designed as a very approachable jam, it may very well get submissions by people who are inexperienced with making games. Creating *something* playable is still a significant achievement for many people, no matter how small or unpolished.


@hnm938 I would ignore the submissions until you finish your game, and if your in need of inspiration look at completed games elsewhere. Finally if your going to post on every submission give some constructive criticism.


@Jusiv you're right I shouldn't be so tough. I know there are people that are just starting and need a starting point, heck I still remember when I couldn't even find out how to move a cube or make it jump.