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Question about the 4 color rule.

A topic by Ourson created Oct 07, 2016 Views: 236 Replies: 3
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Hi everybody! =)

For the past Game Boy Jam the 4 color rule was something like this: You can only use 4 different colors AT THE SAME TIME.

So, for instance, you could have one level with 4 shades of green, then a level with 4 shades of red, and so on.

What about it for the Game Boy Jam 5? Is it still allowed or is it only 4 colors for the whole game?


Yep, this has been addressed on a few other threads, but you can switch to a new set of 4 colors for different levels as long as the number of unique colors on screen always is 4 or less.

I think most people are sticking to one palette for simplicity's sake but if you have it in you to switch from place to place, you totally can!

I'm doing it as having a the same 4 colour palette throughout but the palette used is selectable by the player from a variety of presets. That's ok right? :)


As long as the palette selection tool is keyword and not color, I think you're fine. If the palette selection has the whole availability of all the palettes it'd still be more than four colors, but like if you had a button for 'red', 'green' and 'purple' with the words written there it should be fine I think!