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A topic by Carnivius created Oct 07, 2016 Views: 141 Replies: 3
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I'm making a simple top down shooter very much like some old favourites of mine such as the classic Amiga series 'Alien Breed' and the charmingly fun 'Into The Eagles Next' from my Amstrad CPC. I don't know how much of it is going to be finished by the deadline so I may have to cut some and just focus on getting as much of a playable game as possible, adding in the extras in a later version and yeah it's not even remotely an original game but hopefully people will still enjoy it. I'm having fun making it anyways (and actually a couple pieces of code I did for it helped me realise the solution to some bugs in my other projects... possibly from literally looking at things from a different angle, this being top-down and my other projects being side-view). This uses a fair amount of code from my usual projects too as it's become my personal 'framework'. There's also various options for alternate palettes, dot matrix effects and even a CRT shader (I know Gameboys aren't CRT but could pretend it's running on Super Game Boy, sorta?) :P

Created in Game Maker: Studio. I got all the modules and may realise a HTML5 version to play in browser for ease cos I never done that before.

Wasn't originally gonna be about zombies but my limited enemy AI 'skills' and low amount time have meant I'm using zombies to explain their stupidity. :P

Title screen (using one of the alternate palettes just cos it looks kinda neat)

In-game shot (using a more authentic Gameboy palette)

Looking forward to playing a lot of the entries here. :)


Cool! Alien Breed top-down is always a good idea ;-) I think the sprites above really nailed the perspective, looking forward to trying the controls.


Yep, definitely looks cool! Looking forward to play this!

I'm not gonna be able to finish in time. Certainly not a version I'd feel ready being released and spread about. I knew I should have gone with my other idea of a single screen arcade platformer a la Bubble Bobble cos sprawling levels with time-consuming tiling work just takes me far too long.

I'm glad I entered though as I've got a new fun project out of it to finish up without the pressure of the deadline (oh god the pressure is so not good for my anxiety issues) and learned a few things and helped me come up with solutions for my other projects too. Also the Gameboy specs are fun to work with and focused too. Good luck to everyone else. I'd like to have another go at a future one (and do the Bubble Bobble type game I mentioned above)

Have fun, folks. I'm looking forward to playing many of the great looking entries other people have been working on. :)