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Submitted by Default developer (@TheD3faultDev), DumbMoreThanDumb — 32 minutes, 28 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Adherence To The Theme#153.6673.667
Game Design#212.9172.917

Ranked from 12 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Interesting game! I like the concept of avoiding others at the supermarket. The graphics were good and the audio was a little repetitive. I managed to walk out of the supermarket at level one and the people infected? couldn't find me though I could not get back in again. It took me some time to realize I had to go to the checkout which I couldn't find either. Its a great game for a beginner and can be improved on a lot more. Good luck!

Developer (1 edit)

But I think camera didn't follow you, when you got out of the shop, so that signifies that you shouldn't do that. But probably, I should have just added a collider. Also further levels a have more distinct checkout. Thanks for the feedback


Nice idea and cool game. With a bit of debugging, this could be made into something much bigger!


I'm glad you liked it. And also yes, this game needs some optimization


Nice work! I think you have something here that could be expanded upon into a full game. I did have some problems though, but they might have been on my end. For some reason in the first level I cannot seem to check out. I've tried running out of the store and going over to the side but nothing I do will trigger the end game even if I'm holding the item I need. I also noticed if you get trapped between a bunch of people it can slow the game down to a crawl and get  around 1fps, so I'm not sure what's causing that but it only happened twice. I like the sound effects with the coughing and old ladies haha!


Thanks for a nice comment. So to complete a level, you need to go to the checkout, because you need to buy the item, not steal it :) Also yes, the game neeeds some optimization, if there are too many anemies near you, they all try to pathfind at the same time, that causes the lag.  Thanks again for taking the effort to write sunch a detailed comment


cool game! I like the sound effects and background music (even if sometimes the voices would play over each other). With a bit of fine tuning, this could be a really great game!


Thanks for possitive and in-depth comment. I'm glad you liked it


Great game! The voice-overs are a little buggy though and get annoying


Thanks for the comment!


Awesome game brother.
Really Enjoyed it.
Buggy but a super amazing game.
Massive chances of you winning.


Thanks for the comment


Thanks for making such an amazing game.