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My Timemachine Pinball is up

A topic by Cas Windsor created May 30, 2020 Views: 92 Replies: 1
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I've just added my pinball table for people to play and enjoy.  It's on my profile page somewhere.  This is the first time I've uploaded anything here so I hope you can find it ok.

Download the zip, extract then run Pinball Prototype.  Keys are Enter to start, Hold Down Arrow to Launch and Left and Right Shift for paddles.

I would have liked to do more, such as get the "T I M E" lights and bonus multiplier ready but I'm out of time as I'm busy tomorrow.  I'll look at sorting out the source files a bit later.

Have Fun!

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Mate, I have you on follow now and can't see anything in my feed.
Do you have a link?

I'm guessing you haven't formally submitted yet.