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AdamStrange updated a level editor, graphics 250 days ago
A downloadable level editor, graphics for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
Updated page content. Added platform Linux.
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A browser tool made in HTML5.
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A browser tool made in HTML5.
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NazatoGameDev published a tool 1 year ago
A browser tool made in HTML5.
This is a random maze generator tool made for GameMaker Studio 1.4 and 2.0. It currently has the following features: 3 algorithms for maze generation: Recursive Backtracking Prim Growing Tree Add/remove border Add/remove entrances on all...
A downloadable tool for Linux.
Edddy allows you to place 3D models on a grid and save the result to XML. It is in an early stage of development and is built on Urho3D . The controls were inspired by other open source software like Blender , Tiled and GIMP . Instructions...
A downloadable game for Windows.
In this editor you will create a list of power ups, which lather you can import into whatever unity project you want. Here you can edit a lot of attributes, that in the end will be saved in a list for you. The Editor is in Portuguese, but w...
AdamStrange published a level editor, graphics 1 year ago
A downloadable level editor, graphics for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
Create multiple maps, each with it's own resolution up to 128x128 cells. Use color palettes to instantly change how the map are rendered. Create a bitmap font with the FontSprite application. it will automatically be updated as you work. K...
Javier Bullrich published a asset pack 1 year ago
A downloadable asset pack.
Unity-Console An in-game console for Unity games Setup Find the latest releases here To setup the Console, simply drag the prefab Console Prefab from Blue/Console directory to the scene. To see the stack trace in a build be sure to have “...