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Toss 'em Back
Submitted by rhodeham — 3 days, 14 hours before the deadline

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Theme interpretation#812.9693.833

Ranked from 6 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Remarkable work ..!


A very amusing entry and probably the most fun game of hot potato I've ever played! I was giggling like a mad-man while running away from grenades and laughed out loud the first time I got to the the game over screen!

I made it to 6 waves remaining with a score of 4415. I liked the escalation of difficulty and the gradual adding of more obstacles and mechanics to keep it interesting. A GUI indicator that I'm close enough and pointed in the right direction to grab a grenade might be a nice touch - sometimes they were just out of reach.

My ratings for graphics and audio are low only because it's not clear what you made yourself and what was existing free content that you used - the overall effect and atmosphere was great.

Good job for a first entry and hope you keep on making games!


Thank for playing the game that I made and providing constructive feedback,  I really appreciate it.    I guess I should have been more clear about the sources of the graphics and audio.  All of it was existing free to use content cobbled together, with some minor editing in places.  I am learning 3D modeling and music composition, but I am not good or fast enough yet to have included all that in a game at this point, so I focused on learning Unity and overall game design.  I am learning a lot from this experience and in the next game jam that I participate in I intend to create all the assets myself.


Don't let me take away from the fact that you made a really amazing first game! Just trying to give credit where credit is due... I've been dabbling in game development for around 10 years and your first entry is much better than probably about 90% of  the prototypes I made in the first 8 years of dabbling... only starting to get half-decent at game design now. So keep learning - I expect to see great things from you in future jams! :)

I stick to 2D for the same reason (not fast enough or good enough to do 3D in the time given for jams). Until about a year ago I couldn't even reliably make decent 2D programmer art on jam timescales, so I used to use pre-made free assets in jams. Jams like Ludum Dare usually let you mark a category as N/A to indicate that you didn't create that part of the game, but I don't think Itch has that option.