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Galactic SalvageView game page

Makin' rent by mining the galaxy
Submitted by Slatey — 4 days, 19 hours before the deadline
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Use of Theme#153.0003.000

Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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  • Use of Theme - 2
    • Reading the comments, I can see what you aimed to do, but ultimately the theme was not executed well in this game. The main game-loop is to mine/destroy asteroids to sell the ore to buy better equipment to mine/destroy more asteroids. Even if these were ships, you are essentially shooting them rather than recovering them.
    • If the end goal was to repair a ship, or help a damaged planet recover, or tow ships/survivors back to the dock - then I would have marked it significantly higher.
  • Gameplay - 3
    • The base mechanics work as intended; however, there was no tension or real driver for me to play further - especially given the super slow start (like 10 runs for a basic upgrade). I went for an explore and the space is just the same everywhere. Nothing to do but collect ore - to get upgrades - to collect more ore. There needed to be a larger goal or conflict to keep me engaged.
  • Creativity - 3
    • The asteroid destruction system was a good idea and executed well
    • Love a space-based game; however, nothing else really stood out as unique
  • Art - 3
    • The menus look good, apart from the small sliders in the settings
    • The trade station and ore is placeholder art
    • I like the rocket forward and back movement, but turning needs some animation as well
  • Sound - 3

I noticed you had submitted this game for multiple jams over the same period. It just makes me wonder if this watered down your theme/design to meet the many different themes and requirements. For example, you mentioned down-scoping due to time - but chose to down-scope the only part of the game that was the "Recovery" theme (the salvage ships) rather than the supporting systems (shop, money, asteroid destruction system). It just makes me think of other directions you could have went with the same core, like having a game about a ship that tractor beams and tows ships back to base through asteroid/pirate territory rather than mining asteroids.


I was going to do tractoring of ships to the spaceport but when I ended up being the only person to work on the game because my game partner was too busy to do any of it, I didn't have enough time to get that in. I entered the game into multiple jams but game devcember was the one I was going for, the others it just sort of ending up fitting in better once it was done due to the constraints. In the end, I made a game that can be improved on and that is all I cared about, I just used the jam as a motivator.


Sounds like the Game Jam was a success for you - and that's all that really matters - especially after some difficulties with the team. I think you did well under the circumstances. My feedback was not intended to be harsh, but constructive. Of course take it all as just my opinion - I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination.

My main point was that when under limitations, I think it is just as important what you decided to leave out as what you put into the game. IMO, a well executed small game requires all elements to reinforce the core of the game, whether that be a mechanic, theme, or experience. You did achieve this - big tick - but, the core mechanic reinforced by your design was mining rather than salvage as you stated was your initial intention.

This change from conception to execution happens all the time, even for AAA games. It can be due to losing focus on the core (which is often a negative) or sometimes the designer discovers a better core as they iterate the design (which can be a positive). A good example of this is Horizon Zero Dawn (there is a great NoClip documentary on Youtube about it). I leave it to you to self-reflect on your experience and I hope this feedback will help you in future Jams.


This game is pretty engaging, as far as space mining games go. It's rather straightforward - it's a shame that you didn't have time to make it space wrecks instead of asteroids - but that's game jams for you. I still had a good time with it, though, and it has a lot of small touches that add a lot. (Like the upgrades actually being visible on your ship, or the particle effects, or the fact that you can actually select multiple upgrades at once.)

Good job!

  • Use of Theme - 4
    • Make sense  as "recovery"
    • the "salvage" aspect wasn't clear since asteroids aren't like broken space ships
  • Gameplay - 4
    • Reminded me of playing Lunar Lander in an Arcade
    • Upgrades are always fun
    • Starts to feel a little too slow
  • Creativity - 3
  • Art - 4
    • The are isn't amazing, but it works well and is easy to understand
  • Sound - 3
    • Good clear sound effects

the salvage was going to be ships but when it ended up with only me working on it, I had to down scope and could only get asteroids in 😞


I had a lot a fun with this game and really enjoyed the take on the theme! I also went for a space faring adventure. I really enjoyed the gameplay and it kept me hooked. Great job!

  • Use of Theme - 4
    • The theme was very much present in the game through the mining objective.
  • Gameplay - 4
    • The game was engaging, challenging and fun. I spent alsmot an hour in this game trying to get all the upgrades. The navigation was kind of frustrating though ahahah. I liked all the different upgrades, the distance feauture was cool and the camera zooming out depending on your speed was also a great little feature. I wish we could keep updating the storage though.
  • Creativity - 4
    • The concept is not anything new but the in game features were very clever and went well togheter to create an engaging experience. Also the flavour text in the upgrades was great.
  • Art - 3
    • Perhaps the weakest aspect of the game. The art was very simple. I liked the different aspects of the ship but the background, the asteroids and the materials were always the same which after a while made the game very monotonous and tedious.
  • Sound - 3
    • The sound was simple but effective.