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Great game. I did start to wonder if direction of things really mattered or was it just put the most amount of things on your bike and hold down as many keys as possible

I was going to do tractoring of ships to the spaceport but when I ended up being the only person to work on the game because my game partner was too busy to do any of it, I didn't have enough time to get that in. I entered the game into multiple jams but game devcember was the one I was going for, the others it just sort of ending up fitting in better once it was done due to the constraints. In the end, I made a game that can be improved on and that is all I cared about, I just used the jam as a motivator.

Lol. Was that the only good thing :P

the salvage was going to be ships but when it ended up with only me working on it, I had to down scope and could only get asteroids in 😞

That's fine. If I continue with the game after the jam I may look at increasing linear damping when you have a lower speed allowing you to come to a stop easier. I didn't have it at absolute zero because I wanted some slowing but I didn't want to affect when you are at speed, I think I could get best of both worlds by changing damping with velocity. 

I like the type of puzzle game. I think to continue it you need to think of some more mechanics to introduce each group of levels and work on balancing a learning curve. It definitely has potential if you can figure that out (along with improved graphics and a theme that matches you picking up the jumping powerup, maybe having further powerups also, like dash).

I see. I have decided on more realism for the ship movement in space and so I have reduced drag to almost 0 as there is no resistance in a vacuum. This also means to slow your ship down you need to apply the and amount of reverse thrust that you applied of forward thrust. I found a great way to stop is to just run into things, there is no ship damage yet 😉

Thanks for the feedback. Could you elaborate more on "snappy movement"? Was this before buying the booster engines, or are you talking about the turning?

I found the other levels easy but I did feel it was getting progressively harder, then level 8 hit me. Lol

Not sure what was going on, ran in Chrome and the game thought I was just pressing down and right continuously... I let the score build to 7200 without doing anything while it autoran me diagonally down and right before I quit.

Really enjoyed this. Just had to complete all the levels.

All I see is "The developer has not uploaded a game yet..."

For some reason the ball kept rotating without me pushing anything. Also, why does the start have music but no music during the game? This is basically a less interesting version of Super Hexagon and had me wondering if the output was the result of following a youtube tutorial.

Liked this a lot.

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The ships coming at you would all pile up at the left. I think they are supposed to represent bullets?!? I managed to kill the big ship. It's a lot of dodging and mouse clicking.

Nice game

I managed to find a way of getting a high score. 172. Could have gone higher but I didn't have the patience to keep going.

I liked the control and handling of the vehicle. Asking to press restart or cancel was jarring as I don't have a restart or cancel button on my keyboard.

Good game. I found it easiest to just keep fainting to get back to the surface :P

The asteroids fly at you way too fast to try and avoid them.

Would be good to have a level number somewhere, I had to count what level I was at so that I could say that I couldn't find a way to pass level 8. It seems the jumps just miss hitting the space bar, and just miss hitting the platform to land on it. I can't be sure if it is the game or me.

I will look into it. It only seems to happen in browser with a lot of objects. I'll see what I can do to improve it. Thanks for checking out my game.