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Submitted by adanoliva (@adanolivaDev) — 17 days, 16 hours before the deadline
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Use of Theme#222.1112.111

Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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  • Use of Theme - 1
    • The theme was not obvious. The aim of the game is to collect the 5 elemental statues.
  • Gameplay - 3
    • I really gave this game a good crack. But the spring issue is a game-breaking bug IMO. Otherwise gameplay would be a 4+.
    • The movement and combat was simple and effective.
    • The vast labyrinth was engaging in the NES type of figure-it-out-yourself way
    • Respawning takes too long after death. I actually thought he was gong to get up again initially.
  • Creativity - 2
    • I would say this game's execution was superior to its creativity. At its core its reminiscent of a NES era games that have been done before ad-infinitum and there was nothing particularly unique. That doesn't make it bad - it leans into what it is.
  • Art - 5
    • Loved the art style. It matched the NES gameplay aesthetic perfectly.
  • Sound - 4
    • The BGM fits perfectly. The sound effects were great and matched the aesthetic, but probably a bit too loud.

Thanks for the feedback. The subject, as I said before, the same I did not apply at all, perhaps due to a wrong translation (pick up, recover lost object ...) sometimes the same word can have several meanings but in English there is a specific word. Regarding the game, the springs are broken (removed in the next version of the game), sometimes it makes it unplayable and it is something that I did not realize before :( The sound, there are those who find it annoying, but I'm not going to touch it, since the idea is to be a Unity learning game and I prefer to focus on the next project. I hope the next version is more playable for you!


This game really reminded me of Castle Quest for the NES. The springs were really annoying and I still don't know how to use them. I noticed the vertical distance traveled seems to affect how much you bounce, but I couldn't get it to bounce very high simply from jumping on it. The art was fantastic, except I found some of the effects jarring. 95% of the game feels very 8 bit and that it belongs on the NES. Then the GFX on the heart and the flames really take me out of it. Just something to ask others about in the future if you continue this project. Otherwise I really really enjoyed playing it.


Thanks for the comments! I'm trying to get it bug-free, the docks really aren't working all that well (when the JAM is done I'll upload a new version with some remapped screens). I left it as polished as possible because I want to focus on other projects.

  • Use of Theme - 3
    • You didnt specify how you used the theme in your game but i assume it is something along the lines of recovering the statues? Which is not the best but also not the worst. 
  • Gameplay - 3
    • The game is quite clean with a few exceptions, i liked the variety of scenarios and obstacles it kept the game fresh and the player engaged. I tried to beat the game but i always got stuck because of the springs? (is that what you call them?) They don't seem to work? If i jump on one i just become frozen mid jump animation and can't jump, only walk. Another thing i noticed is that if you kill an enemy who is really close to you they still damage you after they die. Also i think the reset after you die takes waaaay too long.
  • Creativity - 3
    • Like i said above i appreciated the variety in scenarios and obstacles and enemies which demonstrates creativity. But i think you left too much for the player to deduct? Why is it called Element? because you have to retrieve all the elemental statues? But then why are they all the same color? Is the name elusive to the different areas? What is the objective? What is the players motive to be fighting monsters and collecting statues? I think a simple dialog feature could explain a lot of these questions and make the game even more engaging.
  • Art - 5
    • I really enjoyed the aspect of the game, it very much emulates the 8bit aestethic you were going for.
  • Sound - 4
    • I think the sound also emulates the 8bit game era very well. So congratulations on that part. I just wish the bgm transtition was more seamless.

Thanks for the feedback! I tell you, the game tries to recover the 5 elements (of different colors, although only 1 color appears on the HUD ...), each screen has its own element (this time it is of different colors). Try to be a kind of maze that you have to go through in order to find all of them and then look for the exit. The springs are not working quite right, I have remapped some screens in a new version that I will upload at the end of the JAM. I'll go over the issue of the enemy damaging you once you've killed him. Regarding the subject of giving a little more history to the game, I leave it for a DX version that I have in mind, similar in terms of the objective (recovering items or treasures in a cave full of enemies), but more expanded and with new mechanics ( a bigger game in all respects), Element Conquest was still something of a learning prototype. I take note of all these comments, because they are very good references for my next games.


Fun platformer and really enjoyed the variety in the levels. I got a lot of 8bit nostalgia playing. Great job!


Thanks! It really is my first "big" job with Unity, it is an example of everything I learned during a course. There are some bugs (which are in the process of being fixed) and I hope to have a version ready in the PlayStore soon!


Enjoyed playing it. A good classic platformer. Don't see the theme though.


Thanks for the comments, the issue is in recovering the elements to be able to leave (my English is not very good, the same I am wrong ).