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Teams and Such

A topic by Auer created May 19, 2018 Views: 204 Replies: 3
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My team is undergoing a quite big project and one of our members (from crowdforge) hasn't been on since before it started.  we have a game design document and everything planned but we are a bit short staffed in the art and writing department.  Are we allowed to swap people during this?  

If so would you, yes you the one reading this.. (or anyone)... JOIN US!  

We are using google docs and slack chat.  email me

what type of art are you looking for?  2d or 3d?  Pixel or something else?

I just sent you an email.  Feel free to respond in either place.

"Are we allowed to swap people during this? "

I need to  know this exact same question 2 people from my team just disappeared lol its just me and another 1 currently D;