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Eunid: Summon ElsView game page

Elderberry Jam Entry
Submitted by Akusan (@akusan), BBK, Obow1 (@Obow1) — 4 hours, 59 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Fun Factor#43.4003.400
Theme Relevance#43.8003.800

Ranked from 10 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Nice idea with the different enemies, all having their unique attack style. Great work on the boss as well to include multiple styles. Music is great could do with some SFX to bring the game to life.


Thanks for the feedback! This is great inspiration to make better multiplayer games for future game jams.

Completed the single player. Great music and cool enemies, especially the boss! 


thanks! Glad you enjoyed it


Might give it a go using multiplayer, but having completed the single player, I'd say that the platforming is workable although a bit floaty. Its a bit tedious to die and have to traverse empty spaces again and the level is kind of huge. Enemy design was pretty cool. Needs some sound FX though. Pretty ambitious for it being online multiplayer so props for that!

Btw for skull enemies, running away and quickly turn around to shoot them is the way I used to dispatch them. Some mad skills required!


I am impressed that you beat single player. I can't even reach the boss on some multiplayer games ha! But I would be more than glad to play multiplayer with you.


Download and have fun playing with your friends.


Hmm... I feel I can't rate this game, 'cause I have'nt played it multiplayer. Since my campus network is very restrictive, I'm using a VPN right now. And assuming that you're from the US, I'm halfway around the world(India): timezone issues. So, I don't think I can make multiplayer work. And I feel that, since I can't play it in the intended way, I can't rate this game.

Anyways, I can tell you my thoughts on the singleplayer experience. It was quite rough. I could never reach the boss fight you mentioned.

Those Skull enemies! Is it possible to kill them without losing a ton of health? Also, I feel the enemies should be slower than the player, rather than accelerating and then decellerating to get to them. Maybe make the enemy summoner's els' easier to kill too? He just keeps spamming those.

Love the aesthetic, though! Great artwork! Also, the very fact that you even tried a multiplayer game is great enough!


we kind of added that kind of message in this game that you can beat the game and reach the boss solo but it's harder just like in real life. Even this multiplayer game is hard to accomplish solo, which is why it's great if you can summon other players which lead to the theme "You need someone else". I'd be glad to play this game with you on multiplayer. Just hit me up when you're online and I am too. 

Thanks for the feedback!


I found the concept and the fact that you went for a multiplayer game very inspiring! I didn't get an opportunity to play online and without that I feel that it perhaps falls a bit flat. Quite a few leaps of faith and bullet sponge enemies. Still impressed with the animations and dedication to creating an online multiplayer experience in such a short amount of time.

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

This game is actually emulating the hardships of life that you have to deal when going solo, which is why "You need someone else!" (Eunid: Summon Els).

Well hit me up, let's play this game together. We added a boss fight, 4 player multiplayer and a huge level Akusan#3507. Let's have fun and make better games in the future :-D


I pressed every button, clicked everywhere, but I couldn't escape the title screen.. Not sure what the issue was? I played at multiple different resolutions and got the same results. Sorry guys.


Should be press Enter to switch from Intro -> Title -> Lobby


Please include that on the controls of your game page! Gonna go back and play now!