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What did the Poles ever do to you!?

A topic by Merc Games created Feb 25, 2019 Views: 53 Replies: 2
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Now, I know what you meant by "fuck polish" but you left a hanging modifier on the front info page of this game jam so I feel like I'm going to be the badass who shoots it full of holes...

Why bother just fucking Polish people? Why not fuck Japanese, Chinese, African, or New Zealand Maori people? (Don't be a coward and say "the last bunch will chop your balls off for doing so", tough guy.) Why not fuck the real problem people of our age, and fuck up the so-called "alt right" and the neo-Nazi's (or just call them "fascists"... if that's your preference)? Why fuck only Polish people?

I know I'm not a punk rocker anymore (I've defected to the Heavy Metal camp long ago). But as someone with heart, courage, and a sense of honor, I dare add to your "fuck polish" statement the following: "Don't fuck Polish people (unless you're having sex with them). Please do fuck the 45th President of the United States."

Thank you for letting me air my grievances which I have against that sick, spineless bastard. If you cannot stand up against Nazi's, you may as well shut up and sit down. The only good Nazi is a dead one.


Hello! R25th here, the creator of this jam and the writer of the screed that you are referring to. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are acting in good faith and that this is a simple misunderstanding.

I was not talking about the Polish people. I was talking about “polish” (note the lack of capitalization). In game development, polish is used to talk about the process of slowly going over the entire game, making minute changes in order to improve overall game feel. I personally view it as purposefully removing the jagged edges a project gets when made quickly and with emotion. This is why I included it in the list of other game dev stuff to say “Fuck” to (“juice”, game design, etc.). I want projects created in this jam to be very human, created from an emotional place, and polishing the edges out, I feel, removes what should make these projects beautiful. People make games and I want that to shine through here.

So, I have absolutely nothing against the Polish people, rather a game dev concept that I don't think meshes well with what I want produced by this jam (homographs are fun!).

Deleted post

Hello again!

There's no bad blood and I understand that it was an easily misunderstood joke. However, the optics of having a thread "accusing" me of not liking a particular ethnic group isn't great so I will be archiving/hiding this thread at the end of the day. I hope you understand. I will be taking your advise and start a thread to help drive engagement.

Thank you for your concern and I hope you enjoy the jam!!

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