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VN Backgrounds - Request places you'd like to see

A topic by BáiYù created Aug 29, 2016 Views: 196 Replies: 1
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So here's the deal: I've decided to scrap my original idea for this jam in favor of making a BxG with a trans protagonist. It's set in your usual modern day world and I'm making original backgrounds using Google Sketchup and some post processing.

Here's your chance to request some BGs that the community can really use. All backgrounds I make for my entry will be in 1366x768 resolution, licensed under (CC BY 4.0), and released as they're made. I don't promise they'll be super nice as I'm not an artist, but they will be passable enough not to cry over.

Backgrounds already planned:

  • Movie Theater
  • Bus Stop
  • Bus Interior
  • City Streets
  • Lounge/Activity Center/Whatever you call places where people just chill
I'll try to make as many as I can. You can request on Twitter or here, and I'll round them up.

P.S. Vote for the title of my game! Please don't make me seriously name it DOWN WITH CIS

Requested BGs:

  • behind high school bleachers
  • small town alley
  • small town clock [tower i'm assuming]
  • behind grocery store
  • retail break room.
  • bedrooms
  • coffee shops/cafes
  • the beach
  • grocery stores
  • the library
  • hospital room + hallways
Note: I should have mentioned this previously but I am not making many High School-esque BGs! They will be done last. If you need school bgs, try taking a look at Uncle Mugen's renders. They're very nice and shiny!