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Better late than never?

A topic by DeepFriedOreo created Nov 15, 2020 Views: 59 Replies: 2
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For a long time I have been wanting to make a third-person story-driven game. I know that doesn't seem very hard per-say, but I am kind of a perfectionist and I have a hard time doing things the easy way. Well, while looking through cheap games on Steam for something to play I found this silly little game called Dude Simulator 3, and it gave me an idea for an equally silly little game I could probably make fairly quickly using features I have designed for other games like interactions, weapons, and of course the basic character controls. Only took me about 3 hours to put this together this morning, but it is the culmination of about a week of meticulously fine-tuning a system that tries to emulate how the character controls in standard AAA Story-Driven experience, game, things.

AAA-Styled Character Demo

As I said, I have started working on this project this morning so it wont be a super well polished, or fully expanded upon submission. But I have a full idea, I am going to do my best to focus on pumping content over mechanics, and I hope I can provide something fun to kill an hour or so of your time :)

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I have spent the rest of my day getting familiar with my art kit (I got this stuff a while back from one of Epic's giveaways) and setting up a small house I can use as a framework to build other houses from.

Small House Test Video

Tomorrow I want to start designing the "main house" for the game as well as one or two task locations so I can start working on the game loop. I also have to record some voice lines for this game, so that needs to be worked out sooner than later. This will be a fun little challenge, and I will definitely have something playable at the end!


It took me all day, but I finished designing and furnishing the main house for the game. I don't want to spoil the whole tour, but here is the upstairs hallway and bedroom! The asset pack I use only has so many things available, so some rooms have more to look at then others. The bedroom in specific has the fewest furnishing options.

Furnished Bedroom Video

Tomorrow I am going to put aside level design for a bit and get the interactions down so I can put in some doors, and start designing the framework for the tasks the player will perform during the game. After that, all that's left is spending the last couple days expanding the level, implementing all the individual tasks, and setting up the win condition.

When I made this post I wasn't really thinking ahead about it being a devlog sort of thing, sorry about the title.